Frigga Edwards (aka "Miss Named-After-Friday's-Namesake") is the pawn of Schuyler Ramsey (whose conspiracy she is a victim of) in Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae's Yellowstone Adventure. She is the paternal cousin of Muriel Edwards, a so-far unseen character, who had influenced E.Z. Cook to be a fan of the Fantasy Adventures Team, which had caused him to invite them with his then-living mother to a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Despite working for him (just to avoid trouble with him), she has sympathy for his enemies, especially Heath Lynx, and doesn't like his evil ideas. No matter what, she is still forced to sleep unsheltered by her own master. One night, she is forced to cut the Team and Scouts' tents, and the next, to puncture all of the unflatable rafts except the big purple one (which is his), until she sees electric lights at a tent (unaware whose it was, and that it was Heath's). She arrives at Heath's tent, developing a crush on him and wanting him for a pet, but gives it up when she is sent back (however, she wishes him well). Two days later, while riding with her master on a raft on the Yellowstone River, she questions him when he puts up a deceiving sign over a public one. Later, she worries about the Fantasy Adventures Team dying, overheard by the founders (and Lionheart, whom they ride on) themselves. She then reforms, and on the next day, she speaks to E.Z. explaining (when he reveals that he knew her cousin Muriel once) that her father and Muriel's father are brothers. Finally, she drives away in her blue coupe.

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