Frollo's Dark Vengeance Part 1 It's the 74th Episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito and It Will Appear on Zippcast in a Near Future.


Robin returns home to Gotham University and sneaks into his room, only to find a group of people waiting for him, with Serena and her Inner Senshi all demorphed and bound up in ropes before him. They hit him with a tranquilizer dart and he falls unconscious. The leader of the group, a man in a jackal mask, is pleased.

The next day, Batman begins a fruitless search ... until he and the Pooh gang are astounded by the sudden appearance in the Batcave of the resurrected Judge Claude Frollo, who seems a little off in his demeanor than before. Not only that, but Ra's Al Ghul, leader of the Society of Shadows, and Ubu appear to accompany Frollo.

They quickly reveal that Talia Al Ghul, Ra's daughter, and the Moon Cats had been abducted under circumstances similar to Robin and the Scouts, suggesting that the same persons are responsible.

So they begin an uneasy alliance to rescue their friends from the mysterious group of assassins in the streets of Paris. But little do Pooh and Batman realize that Frollo may no longer believe in the Almighty God of Heaven as he once did before. Besides, Ra's Al Ghul may be hiding even more secrets than Frollo is, and may even be the cause of all this madness going on in the first place...


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