Frollo's Dark Vengeance Part 2 It's the 75th Episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito and It Will Appear on Zippcast in a Near Future.


With the help of Quasimodo, Captain Phoebus and Esmerelda, our heroes are able to rescue Robin, Serena, and Talia from the group of thugs holding them hostage, only to realize the truth: Ra's is the mastermind behind the kidnappings all the time, revealing that he revived Frollo using the Lazarus Pit to serve as a figurehead for his plans to turn Batman into his successor as leader of the Society of Shadows. Batman refuses, revealing that he knew all along about Ra's involvement in the kidnapping since the very beginning. Angered, Ra's escapes with his men from the hideout, but not before setting it to self-destruct.

Just before Frollo leaves as well, he too reveals that because it was the light of God that smote him before and that it was the darkness of the Lazarus Pit that revived him, he no longer believes that light is the heart's true essence, and that it is darkness that will lead him to eternal salvation. He declares that he will gladly obey Bowser and Ra's' plans to the fullest potential and that our heroes can't stop him.

Just as he leaves, however, he accidentally drops a parchment note reading "Miracle". After discovering that 'Miracle' refers to Ra's and Frollo's next target, the pack travel to the Court of Miracles. 

There, our heroes learn that Ra's and Frollo, along with an entire army of LoD members, (though the Batman rogues are conspicuosly absent from the gathering), intend to detonate bombs in Lazarus pits around the world. This will cause them to overflow covering the world in chemicals, which will kill 2,056,986,000 individuals and restore most of the world's ecosystems. As a result, both Ra's and Frollo believe that this will lead the world to finally achieve true salvation under the shadow of eternal darkness.


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