This is the transcript of From A to Z in Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series.

(The episode begins with the cave glowing green as see it rumbles it is reveal to be the Legendary Green Serpent Pokemon named Zygarde pops out of the water and comes face to face with the evil team called Team Flare along with Team Robot's enemies)

Francisco: There it is!

Mable: Good recorded it. Time to catch it. Let's go!

Major Nixel: Nixels, get that Legendary Pokemon!

(Team Flare's Pokemon and the Nixels attack Zygarde and hits it)

Major Nixel: Yes! Perfect!

The Chameleon: What?!

(The dust clears away it is reveal that Zygarde is still standing and begins to glow along with the ground)

Sheldon J. Plankton: Oh, boy!

Dr. Blowhole: It's gonna activate it's signature move!

Primus: That's Land's Wrath attack! Everyone get out of here!

(Zygarde activate Land's Wrath blowing the Villains away and makes a big smoke and dust)

Verminious Snaptrap: Where is it? Find it before...!

(As the dust clears away it is reveal Zygarde escaped)

Major Nixel: Blasted, it got away!

(Back to Team Flare's HQ)

Xehanort: Yes, report please.

Mable: We must sadly apologize, we've lost it.

Major Nixel: We we're so close to capture it, your highness.

King Nixel: Enough, Very well Major.

Lysandre: So it turns out, "Z" is as powerful as we expected.

Xehanort: Yes, it is powerful.

Dr. Drakken: This will be perfect to use it to destroy Kim Possible and her friends.

Prince Hans: We want you to find it and bring it here.

Chameleon: As you wish, Prince Hans!

(Just then Mr. Ross appears out of the portal)

Mr. Ross: Hey guys, What's the catch up?

Francisco: Ross, we have failed you and Lysandre to capture Z.

Lysandre: Continue the mission. For the world our Team Flare is aiming to achieve.

Mr. Ross: But soon that Legendary Order Pokemon will be ours to rule the world.

(Mr. Ross laughs evilly and then coughs)

Shego: Watch with your coughing on someone!

Mr. Ross: Sorry.

(Team Robot In Pokemon XY&Z Opening plays)

Ash Ketchum (V.O.): From A to Z!

(The episode begins with Pikachu and Dedenne jumps playing the leafs)

Bonnie: Look out, here I come!

Narrator: With only one more gym badge to win before entering the Kalos League. Ash continues on his journey with his friends, to Snowbelle City.

(Then we see a strange looking Pokemon bounces and spots Bonnie's bag)

Clemont: Let's go, Bonnie.

Ash Ketchum: We're really close to the Pokemon Center.

Bonnie: Kay.

Rigby: All right, let's roll.

Flain: Come on dudes, We can get to the Snowbelle city, If we watch Ash wins!

(As Bonnie runs to get her bag, Dedenne opens the bag and they see something inside)

Serena: Hey, Bonnie, what is it?

Bonnie: There's something inside.

Mordecai: Wait, what?

Sora Takenouchi: What's inside the you're bag?

(They see something green and a red mark on it's chest as the unknown Pokemon looks at the heroes, as Bonnie smiles, the little green Pokemon got scared)

Bonnie: Wow, it moved!

Guilmon: What is that thing?

Dribbal: That's an odd looking Slime Pokemon.

(The little green Pokemon try to escape)

Bonnie: Wait!

(Bonnie runs to catch the little green Pokemon)

Ash Ketchum: What's that?!

Emerl: I don't know? 

Philmac: Huh? 

(The little green Pokemon hits Serena right in the face as it jumps in the horizon and prepares to land on Bonnie)

Bonnie: Come on! I've got you!

(Bonnie catches it)

Eddy: Did you get it?

(Bonnie looks in her arms and the little green Pokemon was not here)

Bonnie: Where'd it go? (It is revealed the little green Pokemon was under Bonnie's shirt and starts to move around thus tickling her) That tickles!

G-Merl: Bonnie, what are you doing?

(Bonnie catches the little green Pokemon)

Bonnie: There I gotcha! (The little green Pokemon looks at Bonnie) Are you a Pokemon? Goosey Goo!

(Bonnie tickles the little green Pokemon, then it looked at Bonnie again and then she tickles the unknown Pokemon again as she laughs)

Bonnie: So cute!

Kari Kamiya: It is kinda a cute.

Fluttershy: Did you see that Pokemon before?

Clemont: I've never seen that Pokemon before.

Percy: I know, It's weird. 

Philmac: Uhh.... Okay? But to be honest, I never seen it before either.  

N.A.N.O.: Me neither...  

Philmac: (sighs) 

Snoof: That green gel is too adorable.






Primus: When we upgrade we will become stronger then Zygarde.

Shredder: We can't forget about destroying those turtles and the other heroes.

Prince Hans: Correct. We villains will be unbeatable than those pathetic heroes, when we have two Zygardes. Tonight we villains will attack the heroes and capture Z-1.

Dr. Drakken: Good Plan. Although what about the others.

Shego: Listen, get them, then will talk.

Bryony: All right then, how about I'll take care of Z-1.

Aliana: That would be just fine, I'll take care of Z-2, okay.

Bryony: It would've been easier if they'd left it up to us from the beginning.

Aliana: With Mable and Celosia.

Aliana & Bryony: Nah.

Mable: Be quiet!

Celosia: I'm still going to catch that, Z, you know!

Prince Hans: Stop your arguing!

Dr. Drakken: Just go capture Z-1 and Z-2!

Mable: Would you please stop the yelling!

Celosia: Don't go crazy over Z, Dr. Drakken!

King Nixel: Enough of talking. I want you Major Nixel and Nixels to go and capture Z-1. And then crush the Mixels and those DigiDestined and their Digimon.

Major Nixel: As you wish your highness!

Spectre: Oh, Sheer, Gavro, Foolscap. Go with Bryony, Aliana and the others to go and capture Z-1.

Sheer: Yes sir.

Gavro: Okay.

Foolscap: Right away, I'm on it!

Mr. Ross: Hydreigon and Honchkrow, go with Team Flare and capture Z-1 and bring it here. And don't let those heroes get in you're way.

(Hydreigon and Honchkrow nods in agreement)

Mr. Ross: (He opens the portal) Remember my two Pokémon servents, when it's nighttime and the heroes are sleeping, go attack them and grab Z-1. And I'll transport you guys back here.

(Hydreigon and Honchkrow goes in the portal transporting them to the forest)

Shego: Let's go.

Apocalymon: Get going Team Flare.

Maleficent: Go. And do not failed us.

(The villains walk in the portal as we cut to the sunset and the heroes now exhausted from escaping Team Flare)

Ash Ketchum: What was all that anyway?

Marcus Damon: It was Team Flare. But we're here to help you guys take Team Flare down.

Tai Kamiya: Thanks for saving our lives, Marcus.




Izzy Izumi: Gather around everyone.

Kenta Kitagawa: What is it, Izzy?

Izzy Izumi: Gennai's back. He wants to speak to us.

(Now we go to the heroes talk to Gennai as an hologram)






Tai Kamiya: Tell us something about this little green Pokémon with red spot on it's chest, like what's Squishy's real name is?

Gennai: Uh, the name?

Tai Kamiya: Yeah.

Ash Ketchum: Tell us, what's Squishy's real name is?

Gennai: Is... I forgot.

(Everyone are embarrassed over Gennai didn't know the real name)

Tai Kamiya: Gennai?!

Mordecai: Dude? I thought you knew everything about all Pokémon including this green one!





(Later that night, everyone are sleeping. But Squishy is not as it closes it's eyes connecting the Zygarde cell to see Celosia and Team Flare Grunts are walking in the forest. Then we see Mr. Ross' Hydreigon and Honchkrow are not far from here, they are close to the heroes' camp)

Mr. Ross: (Speaker) Alright, go get 'em. Use, Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse!

(Hydreigon and Honchkrow pops out of the bushes and fire they're attacks on the heroes' camp and woke the heroes up)




Celosia: Enough! This is getting all very old! Cross-Poison, go!

(Celosia fires Cross-Poison)

Three Team Flare Grunts: Dark Pulse now!

(Two Houndour and one Skorupi fires Dark Pulse)

Three Dr. Drakken's Men: Poison Sting!

(Golbat, Crobat and Garbodor fires Poison Sting)




(Squishy was seen lying on the rock as it wakes up and hops off to escape, but then it sees Bryony, two Team Flare Grunts and the villains are here on top of the hills)

Shego: There you are!

(Two Team Flare Grunts throws their Pokéballs summoning Houndour and Sneasel)

Bryony: We've got you now! You still needed for our experiments, so give it up!

(Next she threw her Pokéball letting out her Bisharp, while Shego's Sableye and Maleficent's Goons jumps down the hill cornering Squishy)

Dr. Blowhole: We win, Z!

Sheer: The game is over now.

Sheldon J. Plankton: (Laughing evilly) Who's gonna save you now? No one! Now it's time to go back where you belong!

(Squishy begins to glow and lets out the sonic wave to call all the Zygarde cells and they all get absorbed by Squishy as it begins to transform)

Foolscap: What in the?!

(Squishy transforms into Zygarde 10% forme)

Bryony: What?! I was not told about this!

Gavro: Z transform into it's new forme? I've never seen that before.

(Maleficent's Goons looked in shocked)

Shego: It transformed into it's 10% form!

(Squishy unleashes Land's Wrath forcing the villains to retreat)

Bryony: All right, retreat!

Jack Spicer: Let's get out of here!

Shego: Retreat, Sableye! Retreat!

(Shego's Sableye runs to follow it's trainer, now we go the heroes)

Lalamon: What was that?

Bonnie: It's Squishy! I just know it is!



(Now we go to Squishy releases the cells back where they belong as it grows tired)

Mr. Ross: (Speaker) The heroes are coming, get back to Lysandre's lab as soon as possible now!

Dr. Drakken: This isn't over yet, Z-1!


(As the sunrises we see Z-2 as Zygarde 50% form watches the sunrises)

Narrator: Anistar Gym Leader, Olympia had promotion, a vision! She saw a flickering green flame engulf Kalos threatening to consume all of it's people and Pokemon in a raging, swirling fire!

(Now we cut to the heroes wave good bye to Sawyer and Grovyle as they walk away and then we see Alain walking by)

Narrator: Our heroes aren't unaware of it yet, but that raging swirling fire has already begun to draw them in.

(As they all talk to each other, they did not see Alain who walk past to the heroes)

Narrator: What awaits them at the end of their experiences has yet to be discovered, as the journey continues.

(Then we see Mr. Ross and his Hydreigon and Honchkrow are hiding in the bushes while they're spying on the heroes as Mr. Ross uses his binoculars to take a closer look to see Squishy in Bonnie's bag)

Mr. Ross: Nice try, Team Robot. But soon it will be time to set the game winning spike. (Laughs then coughs) I should probably checked out. (Laughs evilly as he and his Hydreigon and Honchkrow goes into the portal)

(Now we cut to Lysandre's Lab is where Lysandre, Xerosic, the Villains and Lysandre's recruits are watching the image of Squishy as Zygarde 10% form unleashes Land's Wrath attack)

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