From Darkness till Moonlight It's the 71st Episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito and it Will Appear on Zippcast on a Near Future


Mother Gothel requests to King Bowser that she get a second chance to live once more in order to obtain the youth-rejuvenation powers of Rapunzel's cut hair. He agrees, but warns her that if he fails her again, she will be imprisoned for all time within the deepest dungeon of the Underworld. After fleeing the River Styx, Gothel's soul manipulates the Stabbington Brothers and Turbo into kidnapping Rini to have her serve as a vessel for her rebirth, causing Rini to transform once more into Wicked Lady. Unfortunately, Wicked Lady can't stay beautiful forever and is starting to age into a hideous old crone. Therefore, she must find Rapunzel so that she can kidnap her and force her to give up her healing ability so that she can remain beautiful in Rini's body forever.

Thankfully for both Rapunzel and Rini, the Sailor Scouts are here to help save them and maybe put an end to Gothel's scheming once and for all. But they'll also have to deal with Turbo, who, thanks to Wicked Lady's dark magic, has transformed once more into the King Cy-Bug...


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