Full Harmony Power Part 2 is the twenty-sixth final episode of the first season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With Nightmare Moon taking over Planet Earth, All hope was about lost. But with some help with the Legendary Power Rangers, It's up to Twilight and her friends to stop Nightmare Moon and her followers and save the Earth.

Escaping to far Distance/Flying Ace to the Rescue

As Twilight and the girls made their escape, Snoopy recovered and is able to spread the word from every location for help. And then, The Flying Ace took off on a rescue search party.

Ransik explains the whole story of Nightmare Moon/Power Rngers never gives up

With Snoopy searching for help, Ransik told the Mane 9 the whole story of how Vice Principal Luna was saved from ever becoming Nightmare Moon because of the Tantabus. By using the Elements of Harmony, They were no longer bonded as one. Then, Twilight vouched that as Power Rangers, They would never give up and always find a way to save the world.

Nightmare Moon making humans slaves/Help coming from the Legendary Power Rangers

Back at Nightmare Moon's lair, She was planning to make all the humans on earth as her slaves for work. Back on Planet Earth in the night as everyone fell asleep, All but Twilight who didn't know what else to do. Just then, Robo Knight came and inform Twilight and her friends that the Legendary Power Rangers are on their way to help.

Dulcea came to help the Harmony Rangers/Mentors of the Power Rangers gathered

In the morning sunrise, Dulcea arrived from the planet Phaedos to help Twilight and her friends in their time of need. Soon, Ransik gathered the Mentors of other groups of Power Rangers to discuss about the next Legendary Battle since the Alien Armada.

Twilight and her friends teamed up with the Legendary Power Rangers for battle

Soon enough, Twilight and her friends begin their lead with all the Legendary Power Rangers as they start their battle against Nightmare Moon and her forces of evil.

Fighting the Foot Soldiers of every kind/Taking down the followers of Nightmare Moon

During the battle, The Legendary Power Rangers took down as many Foot Soldiers in sight. As for Twilight and her friends, They begin their team efforts with Android Tommy #1, Android Kimberly, Bridge, Sam, Cole, Alyssa, Lucas, Ashley, Adam, Summer, Dillon, Emma, Noah, Ethan and Merrick and brought down Nightmare Moon's followers.

Nightmare Moon's ultimate rage/Prepare the Megazord and Ultrazord Team up

With Nightmare Moon the only foe left, She's bound to release her ultimate rage. Just then, Twilight, her friends and the Legendary Power Rangers possessed their Megazords and Ultrazord to prepare their final battle with Nightmare Moon. The Harmony Force Rangers used the ultimate weapon, The Rainbow of Light as a final strike. At last, Nightmare Moon was no more. And so was the Tantabus.

The World is saved/Twilight and her friends gave thanks to the Legendary Power Rangers

As the world was saved, Twilight and her friends gave thanks to the Legendary Power Rangers for their help. Then, Android Tommy #1, Android Kimberly, Bridge, Sam, Cole, Alyssa, Lucas, Ashley, Adam, Summer, Dillon, Emma, Noah, Ethan and Merrick gave them word of advice about the Legacy they'll always carry on. Finally, The Legendary Power Rangers returned to their homes.

Ransik gave thanks to Dulcea

Then, Ransik gave his thanks to Dulcea for all of her help. Before she returns to Phaedos, She added that he and the Harmony Force Rangers can always count on her loyalty and wisdom again anytime soon. So, Dulcea returned to Phaedos in thin air.

A biggest victory celebration of the Harmony Force Rangers

In Canterlot High, Ransik along with Diabolico, Villamax, Zen-Aku, Itassis and Deker were very proud of Twilight and her friends. And so are Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, Shining Armor and Dean Cadance. And then, The have a Party begin by the song Better When I'm Dancin'.


  • All the Legendary Past Power Rangers and the Legendary Future Power Rangers and the Data Squad Rangers and the other heroes will come from the legendary battle together.
  • Nightmare Moon and her followers were defeated from the elements of harmony and the Rainbow of light by the ranger powers.
  • Tommy 1, Kimberly 2, Bridge, Sam, Cole, Alyssa, Lucas, Ashley, Adam 1, Summer, Dillon, Emma, Noah, Ethan and Merrick will tell the Harmony Force Rangers along with their battle.
  • All the Legendary Rangers and other heroes will fight the Foot Soldiers, Also all each Morphing Squences, Roll Calls and Megazords get in their final battle.
  • Twilight and the others will combine their elements and the rainbow of light to defeat Nightmare Moon with their final strike.
  • In the Party Megan will on the music with Schroeder, Danny, Gardenia Glow, Octavia and DJ Pon-3 with Better when I'm Dancin in the ending.
  • The Second Season will marks with the Premiere in Rise of the Order of the Claw.


  1. Better When I'm Dancin' - Mane 9, Megan and others


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