The Fullmetal Alchemist Adventures is an upcoming comic series, created by FmaandFriends321 of youtube, and will serve as the illustrator for the series. It is a reboot to the Fullmetal Alchemist Adventures Series. It will differ from the series of videos. 


The story begins in an alternate outcome of Fullmetal Alchemist, where Ling Yao, Edward Elric and Envy are trapped inside Gluttony's stomach. They realize Gluttony was a defective "Portal of Truth", and attempt to escape. When they use the same transmutation circle to bring back Edward and Alphonse' mother, another outcome occurs... A bright light engulfs all three of them, including Alphonse and Gluttony. 

Confirmed Adventures

  • First Adventure: Sasuke's Story: Sunrise


  • It is one of the few Adventures to be adapted into a book.
  • Although, a reboot, it was confirmed by the creator that most characters that were already confirmed throughout the series of videos would be replaced or will not be shown.
  • The creator stated that he chose to continue after realizing his passion for art, and was inspired by Ash's Adventure in Aladdin, as well as wishing to give himself greater freedom for Edward and Alphonse.
  • The comic is intended to be darker than the series of videos but keeps the comedic nature.
  • The comic will be posted on Webtoon'
  • Recent Update: In honor of Oct 3, I have decided to announce that the FMA comic would launch in 2017. Featured artwork will be shown soon!'
  • A spinoff was also being considered.

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