Ace made it to the Playground and they saw Fololo, Falala, Lady Bow and Sir Ebrum

Fololo: So... You want play with us?

Falala: It will be fun.

Ace: Alright.

Then Meta-Knight appeared

Ebrum: Oh, Hi, Sir Meta-Knight, are you here to play with them?

Meta-Knight: Sorry to say, but I'm not precisely one to even Star Warrior's need time off, including our friend here!

Lady Bow: Good luck.

Fololo and Falala are bouncing and Ace is following them

Falala: Try this!

They bounce and Ace copy them and he did it

Fololo: You did great! This is the last one!

They use the swing and they bounce Gumdramon copy them and he did it

Fololo: Wow, you did great, Ace! Right. Falala. Oh right, Falala! I think he's ready for the big one!

Falala went inside the giant pot and Ace is aiming the egg's to the Pot and the Giant Pot got destroyed and Ace left the Playground

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