This is how the heroes find out that Funshine's run away in Thomas' Adventures of Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot.

Thomas: Go on, Grumpy Bear! Go in and say you're sorry!

Grumpy Bear: Do I have to?

Percy: Yes!

Optimus Prime: Well then, Grumpy, I know that your friend did not mean to hurt your feelings.

Percy: I'm sure you'll both after you apologize to him and say you're sorry.

Grumpy Bear: I'm not so good at apologizing. Couldn't someone else?

James: Well, sorry, But no!

Percy: Yeah, Go on and do it yourself.

James: Fine.

Percy: I was talking to Grumpy.

James: Oh.

Percy: Now go on, Grumpy, tell Funshine you're sorry.

Grumpy Bear: Okay. [he opens the door and walks in] Funshine! I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for being... [trips over a wire] Whoa!

Thomas: You okay, Grumpy?

Grumpy Bear: Yeah. I'm fine.

Tenderheart Bear: Hey, there's a note. Funshine Bear has run away?!

[The others gasp]

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