was a cyborg general of Scorpius' army. He was sent to retrieve the Quasar Sabers on Mirinoi. When Maya and the citizens of Terra Venture (the future Galaxy Power Rangers) reached the Sabers first, he used his sword to turn all the inhabitants of the planet to stone in an attempt to stop their escape. Furio returned to the Scorpion Stinger as it followed the Rangers back to their galaxy.

When Furio learned that the powerful Lights of Orion were hidden in the Forest Dome of Terra Venture, he used Mutantrum to disguise himself as Mike to trick Leo into getting into the cavern.

When Scorpius tired of his failures, Furio fled and encountered Leo. Deciding that he would take the Red Galaxy Ranger down together with him, Furio charged himself up to self-destruct. Furio was destroyed, but Leo survived the blast, having been saved by Magna Defender.


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