Xion Forma Final
is a character from Xion's Light.


  • A long time ago, Emerl, Gmerl, Yoshi & Donkey Kong lefted station square to explore other worlds from they're home, But Sonic & the others found them at new york city, They ask him to come back home, But he refuses to go back, Emerl desided to change his name to Elmster, However, The movers made him be himself & the old emerl was back, Then team robot lefted new york city & went back to Station Square, But first Chanticleer faces the Duke & Team Robot faces Erazor Djjion, But however, It was a dream & the others held a reunion party at timmy's house, Everyone may have forgotten everything they remembered, But Emerl still kept Xion's promise & so, A new adventure begin's for The Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1.
  • Story from The Return Of Erazor Djjion In Station Square.

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