Fuu Hououji

Fuu Hououji is the main character of Magic Knight Rayearth. And she is the third final member of the group of the Magic Knights, Fuu's element represents Wind, and the Rune God named Windam (aka Windom).


  • Fuu's Theme Color is Green.
  • Fuu shared with her similarities to Buttercup that she acts to be the loyal and tough one.
  • Fuu's full name is Fuuka.
  • Her Attacks is Winds of Protection, Winds of Admonishment, Winds of Healing, Emerald Typhoon and Emerald Cyclone.
  • Fuu is very similar to Cara Goodwyn/Cure Honey, so she likes to cook food, and her family she has her Mother and Father and her elder Sister.
  • Fuu's personalities shares with Cara/Cure Honey's Attack with her magic by her Honey Baton by the Ribbon Mode with the shield "Honey Ribbon Heart Wall" and Maracas Mode with the Healing powers "Honey Healing Rhythm" and singing by her own kindness song too along.