This is the scene where G-Merl discovers who are the Kidnappers they kidnap Tino goes in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(Cut to G-Merl, Emerl and his friends are relaxing at the pond)

G-Merl: Once I get all seven Chaos Emeralds, then I will finally discover my destiny.

Emerl: Well, you always have us to keep you company, G-Merl?

G-Merl: Yeah.

Danielle: Let's just relax at the pond it looks so beautiful.

(Then the T-Phone was heard as G-Merl answers it)

G-Merl: Hello? What? Seriously? (Hangs up) Guys. We got problem.

Emerl: What is it?

G-Merl: It's Sunset Shimmer, she needs us. Something's going on with Tino!

Emerl, Yoshi and Danielle: What?

Donkey Kong: We gotta head back, come on.

(Later they made it to the SUPS1 HQ. inside the room everything was now a mess)

G-Merl: Hello? Anybody?

Yoshi: Where are you, guys?

(Then they see Sunset Shimmer, Ash, Pikachu, Sora, Mordecai and Rigby are on the ground, injured)

Donkey Kong: Oh, no!

Diddy Kong: Are you guys, okay?

G-Merl: What happened?!

Ash Ketchem: I don't know?

Sunset Shimmer: Tino has been kidnapped.

Danielle: What!?

Donkey Kong: By who?!

G-Merl: Hang on, I got a security camera recored.

(The security camera shows three cloacked strangers use dark magic trapping Tino and G-Merl gets a camera zoom further to see the faces which the Dazzlings)

G-Merl: It's the Dazzlings!

Donkey Kong: Crankies!

Danielle: But how is that possible!

G-Merl: Aria must have thrown a smoke bomb toward them and they ambushed them, and run off with Tino.

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