Here is the final battle between G-Merl and two Villains Devil Doom and Demon God Demigra goes in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

Devil Doom: We gave you life, and yet you defy us? Then so be it!

Demon God Demigra: You shall pay for your ingratitude with relentless pain!

G-Merl: This ends now!

(G-Merl charges and fights Devil Doom and Demon God Demigra)

(Meanwhile down to the earth the heroes are watching the fight)

Dr. Eggman: G-Merl, can you hear me? We've manage to escape from that comet. There's no need to hold back! Cause as much havoc as you need to!

Tails: Go for it, G-Merl!

Tai Kamiya: We know you can do it!

G-Merl: Thanks guy's... i'll do my best!

Yoshi: Let's muderlize them!

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