Gabriel Statler was a member of the Lords of War, a clan of supernatural warriors. Like his colleagues, he carried a Crystal Sword that granted him immunity to the weapons of man.Contents [show] HistoryEditThe Crimean WarEditDuring the Crimean War, he stumbled upon a powerful witch, Brianna Bowen, and ordered her killed. However, Brianna flung his crystal sword out of his hand and sent it several hundred miles away. This encounter disgraced him and lasted into his next llife.Prue HalliwellEditWhen Gabriel was reincarnated, he and his sister Helena amassed an impressive art collection while figuring out how to get Gabriel's powers back. He had to steal back his powers due to being humiliated by Brianna 150 years earlier. Two of the items he had to take were the killer instincts of a powerful man, and the power of a firstborn witch. With Helena's help, he found out that Brianna's great-great-great nieces, the Charmed Ones, had come into their powers. Gabriel set out to kill the oldest Charmed One, Prue Halliwell, both for her powers and to avenge his humiliation by Brianna.Knowing that Prue was a telekinetic like Brianna, Gabriel and Helena tricked Prue into coming alone to appraise their massive art collection, and trapped her hands in an old Spanish pillory. They didn't know, however, that at the time, Prue channeled her telekinesis through her eyes. She was able to pop open the pillory and tried to kill Gabriel with an ax, but it didn't even scratch him. To even the odds, Prue used a spell to create two clones of herself. Gabriel ran into one of the clones at Buckland's and killed her, but was very angry when Prue's power didn't flow to him.  Phoebe kicks Gabriel across the room.Later that night, the surviving clone trapped Helena in a medieval torture device and demanded that Gabriel hand over the sword in return for Helena's freedom. However, Gabriel knew this wasn't really Prue either, and first killed Helena before killing the clone. He then attacked the sisters at the manor. He chased Prue into the living room and threw his sword at her--but instead hit Phoebe's sparring dummy. Piper froze him, and Phoebe kicked him across the room. Gabriel irately demanded his sword. Calling his sword back to his hand Prue used her powers to turn the swowrd around before it reached him where it plunged into his chest and vanquished him.Powers and AbilitiesEditActive PowersCalling: Gabriel could throw out his sword and then use his mind to call it back into his hand.Through the Crystal SwordPower Absorption: The ability to steal the powers of magical beings after killing them with his crystal sword.Soul Absorption: The ability to absorb the souls of beings that he killed with his crystal sword.Immunity: While in possession of the Crystal Sword, Grabriel was immune to the weapons of man.Other PowersReincarnation: The ability to be reborn after death.

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