240px-Gail trent by fercho262-d6esb0w

Gail Trent is Zoe Trent's younger sister, who the group erroneously believed had been locked inside the Largest Ever Pet Shop, only for them to find out they grabbed the wrong dog, a male named Tootsie who only happened to resemble her.


As she's only appeared once, Gail does not have a lot of information regarding herself. She and Zoe care a lot for each other, but she is easily willing to admit how Zoe acts sometimes, as well as her easy mistakes she tends to make from time to time.


Gail is a pink Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with lighter pink markings. She has the same body type as Zoe and just slightly darker blue eyes. Her hair/ears are a shade of fuchsia pink with curly bangs in the center of her head. She wears a gold collar with a small white heart in the center.



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