This is how Gali's Corruption goes in The Return of Harmony Part 1.

[Gali chases a flying fish]

Gali: I've got you now, element.

[She runs into the Lord of Skull Spiders]

Lord of Skull Spiders: Oh. I can see why you like these fishes so much. Very complex.

Gali: Get off there and put 'em up! Come on! Let's go! [punches the air]

Lord of Skull Spiders: Hey, I'm here to deliver a message.

Gali: I've got a message for you too!

Lord of Skull Spiders: Listen closely, this is important. A weighty choice is yours to make: a right selection or a big mistake. If a wrong choice you choose to pursue, the foundations of home will crumble without you.

[Gali sees a cloud with picture on it]

Gali: Seriously? Crumble... without me?

[It evaporates]

Gali: No!

[The Lord of Skull Spiders approaches with a box]

Lord of Skull Spiders: That box contains your elements. You can take them and leave the game, or you can carry on aimlessly wandering this maze. Your choice.

[He hypnotizes Gali and she turns colorless]


Tahu: Must... find... Gali. As a team... we're unstoppable. Gali won't let us down.

Onua: Well, looky there. Gali is gone. She's abandoning us.

Tahu: Now I know that's a lie.

[He looks in the distance and sees Gali swimming away]

Tahu: [gasp] How can it be?

[The Lord of Skull Spiders shows up]

Lord of Skull Spiders: Well, well, well. Someone broke the "no weapons; no powers" rule. [giggles] Game's over, Toa. You didn't find your precious elements. [giggles again] Looks like we might be due for a big old storm of chaos! [laughter]

[He vanishes as Tahu looks on in horror]

[To be continued...]

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