This is how Galvatrain reveals that he is Megatrain's clone in Galvatrain's Ressurection.

[Galvatrain is seen in a burning warehouse, fighting Smokescreen and Thomas. Galvatrain blasts Smokescreen, knocking him backwards]

Galvatrain: Turns out I wasn't born from Megatrain after all.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Galvatrain: I mean, I am a clone of Megatrain.

Thomas: [gasp]

Galvatrain: You never knew that until now.

Thomas: You evil... [punches Galvatrain]

Galvatrain: [gasp] How dare you?!

[The two bots get into a sword dual as Smokescreen watches]

[Back on the Nemesis, Spencer is puffing along in one of the coridoors and soon spies Megatrain's old body parts]

Spencer: Megatrain. I'm sorry. [starts to puff off but is soon blinded by a bright light]

[Megatrain's old body starts vibrating, jumps out of its case and fastly consumes Spencer. Back on the battle field, Galvatrain hits Thomas]

Thomas: Ow!

Galvatrain: [evil laugh]

[Suddenly, a familliar voice is heard]


Galvatrain: Huh? [is pounced on by someone] Dahh!

[Galvatrain looks up and sees who the figure is]

Spencer: Now it comes down to just you and me. Or should I say, you and you.

Galvatrain: Spencer. In my old bodie's body.

Spencer: But with the lack of my train form, of course.

Galvatrain: But how?

Spencer: Well, let's just say that I have a few upgrades.

[Galvatrain throws Spencer off and the two start fighting. Thomas gets up and runs over to Smokescreen]

Thomas: Let me help you up, Smokescreen.

Smokescreen: Thanks.

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