Here is how Games and Contests to win goes in Mother and Daughter Time.

Golden Queen: I hope you're enjoying this opportunity with you mother.

Dreamcatcher: We so can't wait for the fun of it.

Princess Yuna: I know.

The first contest begins.

Golden Queen: Let the contests begins.

Princess Cadance: (runs, jumps onto the sand, jumps off and made a safe landing) Go, Skyla!

Princess Skyla: (does exactly as her mother does) I did it, Mommy!

Princess Cadance: At a filly!

Princess Luna: (runs and jumps onto the sand) I did it. (jumps off and made a safe landing)

Princess Yuna: (runs jumps onto the sand and made a safe landing) Yes!

Snowdrop: (trying to do the same and listens and lands) Who won?

Golden Queen: Yuna, Snowdrop and Luna are the winners!

The second contest is on.

Dreamcatcher: The Three Legged Race is so on.

Golden Queen: On Your Mark..... Get Set..... Go!

Princess Luna: (looked at her hoof) I hope I don't loose my footing.

Snowdrop: Let's go!

Princess Yuna: We can win this!

Pumpkin Cake: Faster, Mom!

Mrs. Cup Cake: I'm Going as Fast as I Can!

Emerald: We gotta win!

Rarity: Let's hop we will!

Princess Yuna: Almost there.

Dreamcatcher: Yuna, Luna and Snowdrop are the winners.

Princess Yuna: Yeah!

Snowdrop: We won!

Princess Luna: Great job, Girls!

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama!

The third contest.

Golden Queen: Let us begin the Pie Eating Contest! Get Ready.... Get Set........ Go!

Twilight Sparkle: (eating twenty pies)

Princess Twila: (eating forty pies)

Nyx: (eating twelve pies)

Golden Queen: Orange Cake is the winner!

Orange Cake: I won!

The fourth contest.

Dreamcatcher: Now, bob the apples.

Princess Skyla: (bobs an apple)

Princess Twila: (bobs a green apple)

Golden Queen: Skyla and Twila were tied!

The fifth contest.

Dreamcatcher: Let the fifth contest begin! (plays the music)

Golden Queen: Princess Yuna is out!

Princess Yuna: Darn!

Dreamcatcher: Snowdrop is out!

Snowdrop: Oh dear!

Golden Queen: Mrs. Cup Cake is out!

Mrs. Cup Cake: Oh!

Dreamcatcher: Emerald's out!

Emerald: Dang it!

Golden Queen: You're out, Applejack!

Applejack: Pony Feathers!

Golden Queen: Pumpkin Cake is the winner!

Pumpkin Cake: Yes!

The sixth contest.

Dreamcatcher: Over the mud, First team pulled out loose.

Golden Queen: PULL!!!

Princess Yuna: Keep Pulling, Everypony!

Princess Luna: (keeps pullling)

Snowdrop: How Long Do We Have To Keep Pulling!

Princess Cadance: (keeps pulling)

Dreamcatcher: The Royalties won!

Princess Yuna: Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: We Won!

Rarity: (looked at her hooves) Not a single dirt.

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