At the Safe Room

Happy salesman look scared after he play the Ocarina and it was Ganondorf, Koume and Kotake saw it and they Scream

Hours Later

Happy Salesman place look so decorated, and our Heroes arrived and then Jibanyan bum the Vase

Jibanyan: Nyan!

Salesman: Hey! You break it! You pay it!

And it was our Heroes 

Salesman: Oh, it was you. Come to see this place?

Shoutmon: Yeah. This place look so decorated. Look you are so rich? Wow. There are so many decoration have. Hey, have you seen and Organization Digimon's who wears a black coat?

Salesman: Nope. Not really.

Shoutmon: Well, at least we have to look around.

Then Link and his friends arrived

Link: Shoutmon! Don't let him get away!

And they saw Happy Salesman disappeared

Link: (Sigh) He's gone.

Shoutmon: What's going on?

Limk: Can't believe! Those stupid salesman just let Ganondorf go free.

All: Ganondorf!


Ganondorf: (Laugh) Give me to Six Sages, Link! It's time for me to do it! Destroy them! (Laugh)

Flashback has ended

Link: You all have to be careful.

Jibanyan: How come?

Link: I'm sure Ganondorf wants to take over Hyrule again, but we know he's out for a revenge, too.

Shoutmon: I'm sure he's so sore about that whole Ocarina thing, right?

Link: the Two witches was there when Ganondorf nwas released. Okay, lady. Say it!

Koume: Look! We told you everything we know!

Limk: This is your one and only chance, witches. If we find out later that you've been lying or hiding things from us, we're through. We'll never speak to you again!

Kotake: Okay! Okay! I know where he is!

Whisper: Where?

Koume Um, er. Well... that is... Aw! I really shouldn't...

Link: Come on!

Kotake: He's in the Temple of Ruined.

Shoutmon: Alright! Let's go there!

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