Gary Come Home is a song in SpongeBob SquarePants.


Gary now I know,
I was wrong,
I messed up, and now, you're gone.
Gary, I’m sorry I neglected you,
Oh, I never expected you
To run away and leave me feeling this empty.
Your "Meow" right now would sound like music to me.
Please come home, 'cause I miss you, Gary!
Gary Come Home! (x3)
Gary, can’t you see I was blind,
I’ll do anything to change your mind.
More than a pet, you’re my best friend,
Too cool to forget
Come back, ‘cause we are family,
And forgive me for making you want to roam,
Now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome,
Somewhere I hope you’re reading my latest three word poem.
Gary Come Home! (x8)
Gary Come Home (x2)
Gary won't you come home!


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