This is how Gates of Kaon goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

[Swindle and Shockwave arrive at the Gates of Kaon]

Shockwave: The Gates of Kaon. At last.

Swindle: Looks like the Bots don't want the Dark Spark getting through.

[Blast Off is evading blasts from the enforcers in vehicle mode]

Blast Off: Let me do it! I'll buzz right over em!

[Back with Shockwave and Swindle]

Shockwave: Airborne delivery is ill-advised. If the Dark Spark were dropped from height, it would cause significant damage to Kaon.

[We see Onlsaught]

Onslaught: So be it. We push through on foot. [explosion] Swindle, take out that enforcer! Shockwave, hold position.

Vortex: We're here, Onslaught!

Blast Off: Better late than never!

Onslaught: Cut the chatter Combaticons and combine into Bruticus!

[The Combaticons combine into Bruticus]

Bruticus: Bruticus online!

[Bruticus goes into battle]

Shockwave: Show no mercy, Bruticus, bring down the bridges!

[Bruticus brings down the bridges and moves to defend the Gates of Kaon]

Shockwave: Bruticus, clear them from the Gates!

[Bruticus attacks the Autobots]

Shockwave: Bruticus, destroy them. Destroy them all!

[Bruticus destroys all of them and moves towards the entrance of Kolkular]

[Rarity and Pinkie Pie gasp]

Rarity: Uh-oh!

Pinkie Pie: Run!

[They gallop away]

Bruticus: Bruticus is unstoppable!

[Bruticus slams his back into the wall, knocking out Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Bruticus picks them up by their tails]

Bruticus: Look what Bruticus find.

[Bruticus holds up the unconscious Rarity and Pinkie Pie to Cliffjumper, Jazz, and other Autobots]

Cliffjumper: Rarity!

Jazz: Pinkie Pie!

Shockwave: Stand down, now, or else.

Jazz: Autobots...hold your fire.

[Shockwave and Bruticus, still holding Rarity and Pinkie Pie, enter Kolkular]

Cliffjumper: Shockwave, you got what you wanted, dig? You won! We stopped firing, so let Rarity and Pinkie Pie go!

Shockwave: [laughs] Don't worry. We will handle them with great care.

[The door to Kolkular closes]

Jazz: Optimus, we have a problem.

Optimus Prime: [over comm] What is it?

Cliffjumper: We screwed up, Optimus. They made it into Kaon with the Dark Spark...and Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

Twilight Sparkle: [over comm] What?!

Optimus Prime: [over comm] We're on our way.


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