Bugs: Fellas, I got something to tell you. I found out where Mephiles is. Mephiles the Wise. The real Mephiles! He snuck into the Organization 18 Animal's stronghold.

Ace: And we've figured out where Lexi is. I'm pretty sure we're right.

Bugs: But, why you came here?

Ace: Someone, gave us a clue.

Bugs: Who was it?

Wile: Well, Bugs. Ace thimk it might be Duck.

Ace: I just got a feeling.

Bugs: Well, if that's what you think, then it's probably correct.

Ace: You mean Duck and my team's are okay!

Bugs: If that's what you think...

Ace: I have waited long enough, Grandpa! Tell me what you know.

Bugs: I'm not gonna say to you.

Ace: But, Grandpa! Why?

Bugs: I can break my promise.

Ace: You made a promise to Duck? Even my team's!?

Bug covered his mouth

Ace: So their okay! I knew it!

Fowlmouth: Huh? Who's Duck?

Ace: He's name is Danger Duck. And he's my Best Friends.

Hamton: That's it!

Shirley: Bugs? You got the Pouch with the crystal from Duck, didn't you? And you promise not to tell, was it?

Bugs: Well, of course.

Daffy: We have enough of this!

Ace: That's right. Let's go! Duck, Tech, Rev, Slam, Lexi. We're coming to find you.

They went inside the Mansion

Bugs: There's gonna be a computer somewhere.

Hamton: A Computer... Do you think it's connected to that other Acme Acres?

Bugs: It would be. And there should be a way into the realm of darkenwss there.

Ace: My Team told you that, didn't he?!

Bugs: Grandson, please. I made a promise to your best friend.

Ace: Yes! I knew it!

Daffy: Hey! Stop pestering Bugs!

Ace: Okay. Sorry...

They went to the Basement and found the Computer 

Bugs: Look!

Ace: We found it!

Daffy: How can it worked?

Hamton: I'll do it.

He check the Computer 

Hamton: Let's see.... Hm... Okay... what?... oh no.

Fowlmouth: Problem?

Hamton: Yes. I can't go any further without the password.

Bugs: Do you have some ideas what the password might be?

Ace: Hmmm....

Wile: Well, we got this photo...

Daffy: Oh! And the salty-sweet ice cream bar!

Ace: That's right. The one daffy ate up.

Wile: It was in the box right next to the photo.

Bugs: Of course! Mephiles the wise like Ice cream.

Hamton: Alright, what's the name of the flavour?

They guess the password and it worked

Hamton: It worked!

Then that Machine is Glowing 

Fowlmouth: Well, hold down the fort.

Shirley: Say, hello to Lexi for us.

Ace: We will.

They went to the Machine and they got teleported and they are back

Ace: What the? Are we back here?

Daffy: Hey, look!

They saw the Computer destroy 

And: This is the other Acme Acres. Buster's Acme Ace's.


Buster is destroyed the Computer

Flashback has ended

Bugs: There has to be an entrance to dark realm somewhere, come on! Let's split up!

They went to that room and saw a portal 

Bugs: Look!

They went to the Portal

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