Here's how Brian and the Sailor Scouts reunite with the others in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[It sideswipes to Chris meeting up with Sunset]

[Sunset then runs out to Chris and hugs him]

BB-8: [beeps]

K-2SO: Shush, not so loud.

Sunset: Chris, are you okay? I heard there was an attack at the Jedi Temple. You could see the flames and smoke all the way here.

Chris: I'm okay. I came to see if you and Sunrise were okay.

Sunset: Nevermind me and Sunrise, what in the world is going on?!

Chris: I've got bad news, some of the Jedi have tried to overthrow the Republic.

Sunset: What? I can't believe that! And I'm a Jedi too!

Chris: They don't know about your existence here. But the Senate has given me a very important mission. The rest of the villains are hiding in Darth Sidious' old hideout on Coruscant, and I'm gonna end this one and for all.

Sunset: Chris, I'm afraid.

Chris: Have faith, my love. Every little thing is gonna be alright.

[He hops into his starfighter and takes off]

K-2SO: You mind if I comfort you, miss?

Sunset: No, K2.

K-2SO: Oh. I see. But somehow, I'm beginning to feel so helpless.

[Soon it sideswipes to Brian and the Sailor Scout's ship and arrives at a Canterlot ship and lands in the hanger]

Brian: Has they been any word from other Jedi?

Zecora: So far, we haven't heard a thing, we fear that many more Jedi have been struck with the some wing.

Judy Hopps: Several of our Jedi comrades have been turned on by their clones.

Sunil Nelva: Those stupid Kamkenoes turned on us!

Cadance: Several of the Troops have attacked the Jedi Temple, that's why we went looking for the rest of the gang.

Sailor Moon: Well, did you receive any contact from the Temple?

Barret Barricade: But we've just received a message from the temple. It means the war's over.

Zoe Trent: WHAT?! But they'll be killed when they get there. We must go back and stop them before more Jedi are murdered!

Princess Celestia: Yes, and once we arrive there, we must desmantle the message and send a warning to all other Jedi out there to stay away until we get to the bottom of this. And we may get a bit more knowledge to figuring out the reason for all this madness.

[we then sideswipe to Sidious' hideout on Courasant, where we see the other villains talking to Ernie through a hologram]

Discord: We have made sure the plan has gone just as you planned.

Ernie: (on hologram) Good, when my new apprentice Darth Griffin arrives, he will take care of you all.

[hologram shuts down]