The way Gator and the Skarloey Engines arrives and the Ghost Train's evil plan goes in Revenge of the Ghost Train.

Just then, Gator arrives.

Gator: Hello.

Percy: Hello, Skarloey!

Thomas: Hello, Gator!

Skarloey: (whistles) Hello, Thomas!

Rheneas: (whistles) Hello, Percy!

Peter Sam: Hello, Thomas! (whistles)

Sir Handel: Hello, Thomas. (whistles)

Duncan: Hello, Prince Dusty!

Dusty Crophopper: Great to see you.

Sheriff: Glad you and the others could make it.

Gator: What's happening?

Percy: We have a Ghost Engine in our Buffers.

Luke: It's going to haunt everyone and everypony.

Gator: Oh, now that's awful.

Rheneas: That's terrible.

Rusty: Horrible.

Victor: We're going to need new recruits!

Lightning McQueen: Would you like to join us?

Gator: Well, I'd be delighted.

Skarloey: Count us in.

Mater: Dad Gum.

Thomas: Alright, Let's go.

In Yuna's clubhouse.

Princess Yuna: Did you hear that?

Thunder Spectrum: What is it, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: It's the Ghost Train Busters with new recruits!

Princess Skyla: Who are the new members?

Princess Yuna: Gator, Skarloey. Rheneas, Duncan, Peter Sam, Rusty and Sir Handel.

Snowdrop: It's wonderful to hear!

Krader: Yeah! Yeah!

WALL-E: Woah!

EVE: (overjoyed)

Flain: It's great!

Seismo: I know! Woohoo!!!

Nyx: We better go see what their up to.

Snowdrop: Which way?

Pound Cake: Come on, Snowdrop, This way.

Pumpkin Cake: We can't loose track of them.

Princess Yuna: Come on, Guys, Let's go see them in action.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Right behind you, Yuna.

With the villains.

Ghost Train: Well, look at what the Ghost Train Busters have here?

Tirek: Gator and the Skarloey Engines.

Ghost Train: The new members for Ghost Train Busters.

Nightmare Trix: Who are the new members, Ghost Train?

Ghost Train: Gator, Skarloey. Rheneas, Duncan, Peter Sam, Rusty and Sir Handel.

Nightmare Moon: Their driving me crazy.

Nightmare Hiro: How are we gonna do?

Ghost Train: I think we should capture Team Robot and the Mane 6 and use them as bates.

Sa'luk: Great plan.

Ghost Train: (evil laughs)

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