The way Gator teach Luke how to be brave and Gator's story goes in Yuna's Princess Adventure.

Meanwhile at Ulfstead Castle.

Luke: (sleepy)

Spike: Come on, Luke.

Troublesome Frieght Cars: look how sleepy, Luke is.

Luke: (sleepy until his buffer touched) Oh my! A monster!

Gator: Calm down, Luke!

Luke: (stopped)

Troublesome Frieght Cars: Busted!

Luke: Oh.

Gator: Spike, What's the matter with Luke?

Spike: He's a little tired out from last night.

Luke: I was very scared.

Gator: Come on. I will teach you how to be brave.

Soon, Gator begun to teach Luke how to be brave.

Gator: Take a look here, Luke.

Luke: It's not a monster is it?

Gator: It's just a haystack.

Luke: Just the haystack.

Gator: Now, Look over here.

Luke: What's that?

Gator: Use your imagination and picture something else.

Luke: It's only Canterlot.

Spike: Good job, Luke.

Luke: How am I doing, Gator?

Gator: You're doing well, Luke.

Luke: Thank you.


Luke: I am glad that you're staying at the Island of Sodor and Equestria forever.

Spike: Me too.

Gator: It's the least I do.

Luke: I still think there's the monster from Blue Mountain Quarry.

Gator: it's okay to be scared, Luke, You've got to be brave as I was.

Luke: You're brave?

Gator: Thanks to my shape that scares monsters away.

Luke: Wow! You're brave, Gator.

Gator: I'll tell you the story about how I became brave.

In the flashback.

Gator: (narrating) Back at the mountain, I've notice how scared Percy was.

The flashback ends.

Gator: You see, Luke. Being brave is only way to conque your fear.

Luke: Wow!

Gator: Now then, Let's get back to work.

Luke: Okay.

Gator: Remember what I said, Luke.

Luke: Thank you, Gator.

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