Buford: Cheesetopia.

Phineas: Already did.

Baljeet: Gelatin Pool.

Phineas: Baljeet! You remember what we did at School.

Baljeet: Hmmm?


At the Swimming Pool

(Everyone is swimming in the Pool, Except Phineas, Ferb and Their Friends)

Phineas: Alright. This drop will make the pool into Dark Blue.

Baljeet: Are you sure about this?

Phineas: Of course I'm sure, how bad could it be?

(He put the Drop on the Pool and then it a Gelatin out of it)

Phineas: Oh, that one is a Gelatin Drop.

Isabella: I think we need to restore the Pool.

Buford: Why?

Principal: Phineas! Ferb! And Friends! Come to my Office, right now!

Ferb: We're in trouble, right?

Phineas: Yeah.

End of Flashback

Baljeet: Oh yeah, Forgot about that.

Phineas: This time we will never make a Gelatin Pool again.

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