Gmerl (Legacy Render Pose)
also known as G-merl s a robot that appeared in the game Sonic Advance 3. Dr. Eggman created Gemerl from Emerl's "data", but he most likely used some of Emerl's remaining parts. Gemerl had the ability to "merge" with other machines, such as Eggman's boss vehicles. Like Emerl, Gemerl became destabilized in the presence of all seven Chaos Emeralds, He is also Danielle's boyfriend.


Emerl, Yoshi & Donkey Kong

Danielle Fenton

When he first met Danielle, he know her that much, he feel's alittle nervous when he's around her, he hides his true feeling's from Danielle, but after fighting alongside with his friends against Black Doom, Gmerl begins to trust her and she became his girlfriend.



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