is the vending machine. He is the park manager of East Pines and he tries to destroy the park by having the huge prank war, but he and his men we're defeated by Muscle Man. In the Christmas Special of Regular Show he help the park workers get to the mine to the lava pit to destroy the evil christmas present created by Quillgin, while he distracted him but he was tied in rope by him and his men. Later in the episode Thomas Fights Back he and his men stole the statue of Curtis Montgomery like he and his men did every year. Thomas pretended to become the agency named Nicholas he stayed the east pines for 30 days in order to get the statue back when Gene finds out Thomas remove the batteries of the walkie talkie, cut the wires on the cart, and cut the emergency phone wires. Thomas uses Gene's voice on his phone to tell one of his men to open the gate and Thomas along with the rest of the park employees escape with the statue.


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