General Grievous

General Grievous, The General of the CIS.

General Grievous, formerly called Qymaen Jai Sheelal, is the secondary antagonist in Star Wars Episode lll: Revenge of the Sith and the secondary main antagonist in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series (2008-2014); after his master Count Dooku betrayed Asajj Ventress in season 3, General Grevious took the role as the true secondary antagonist for the rest of the entire series.

General Grievous has a ruthless, demanding personality. He easily becomes impatient with battle droids that serve him when they do not fulfill his desires. It is not uncommon for him to destroy one of his droids in his anger. Although General Grievous is strong, he sometimes underestimates the power of the Republic and the Jedi which leads to his loss in some of the war's battles.


Grievous is cold and ruthless, never showing mercy to any enemy, even when he was a Kaleesh. His shuttle crash left him with a sense of bitterness for being cheated of a warrior’s death and though he chose to become a cyborg, believing that flesh was weak, Grievous is secretly ashamed of his new form. He also began comparing himself to the Jedi and became determined to be able to match them, leading to him doing anything in his power to improve himself. Grievous has no problem with sacrificing others for himself and often exploits the Jedi’s compassion for their soldiers. Grievous is also known and feared for his cruelty and brutality.

He is very arrogant, but also has a somewhat cowardly side; he (usually) flees when the tide is against him. Despite this, he is also highly relentless; he is totally determined to destroy the Jedi, and will sometimes fight them even when he is injured, shown when he fought Obi-Wan while he was still weak from his recent encounter with Mace Windu.

However, Grievous is not completely heartless, caring for his people and Kummar, and on one occasion, even showed pity for a Jedi, letting her land minor hits on him before slaying her. Grievous hated Nute Gunray for thinking of him as nothing but a servant droid, which enraged him to no end and saw the viceroy and the other Separatist leaders as greedy weaklings. Grievous also had something of a rivalry with Asajj Ventress, but the two shared one trait, hatred for the mindless battle droids of the Separatists, which he often destroyed to alleviate his frustration.


Grievous is an extremely powerful and deadly fighter, being one of the most proficient Jedi hunters to exist. He is extremely proficient at wielding lightsabers, using his own unique form, which utilizes extremely fast barrages of strikes and more powerful blows to overwhelm his enemies. Grievous can split his arms in two, giving him four arms to fight with and can spin his torso, arms, and wrists in deadly, blindingly fast storms of death. Grievous can even use his feet just as well as his hands and his ability to wield his lightsabers in this unorthodox and fast flowing style makes him able to hold his own against several opponents at once.

Grievous is also perfectly willing to use more underhanded tactics, for example, pulling a blaster to finish his opponents. He is a skilled general and tactician, using chaotic, seemingly random strategies that can easily trick his opponents. Grievous is quick to target civilians in battle, forcing his enemy to make the choice between victory and protecting innocents. He can also control his droids through antennae in his head, making him even more in control during battles. Grievous’ mechanical body is far stronger, flexible, and agile than most other creatures and can also survive the vacuum of space. He is also a skilled pilot, said to be as good at handling a ship as he is with a lightsaber.

Relationship with Judge Claude Frollo

In General Grievous' Wrath!: The Rise of the Jedi Trains

General Grievous has returned! He is willing for revenge of our heroes and he starts this by rebuilding battle droids and an army, he also resurrects Frollo ready for a war. But unknown to him that Blue Dragn watches him and flies back to tell the others he then tells the others what he is doing and brought back Frollo. Then, Kipper, his friends, Angelina Ballerina, Jimmy Neutron, his friends, Basil, Dawson, Olivia Flaversham, Captain Rex and the 501st show up as well. And Blue Dragon to see what the droid general is up to. Blue Dragon soon discovers that Grievous is after the ponies lightsabers for his trophies and awards. He flies back and tells the others what is happening, then Grievous attacks the throne room and takes the CMC as a prize. Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity, their human counterparts, Spongebob, Patrick, Blackie, Jimmy and his friends decide to rescue them. Before They leave, a pari of trains arrived and called themselves: "The Jedi Trains" and they decide to help our heroes. they snuck in and rescue the CMC. And Jimmy finds out that Frollo is willing revenge on Quasimodo, Esmerelda, and Pheobus.

They all return to earth and find out what they are realign planning. After a droid tells Greivous and Frollo explains there gone Grievous tells our heroes to meet him at the Crystal Empire. Our heroes do so with an army of Clone Troopers and Canterlot Guards once there they see a whole army of battle droids! The guards and Clone Troopers battle the droids, then Grievous orders peace of the army to attack the Empire. Our heroes and few of the clone troopers try to defend the city but are being outnumbered. Almost defeated, Optimus arrived with reinforcements! With Alan Grant, the Temrinator heroes, the Jedi, Lord of the Rings heroes, Ash and his friends, Pazu, Sheeta, Dola and the boys, the Jurassic Park T-Rex and Spinosaurus, and the Hybrid Dinosaur! They destroyed the droid army while Princess Celestia and Luna fly to Grievous and Frollo.

The 2 plot up, Princess Luna encounters Frollo they both get in a sword duel and Luna kills Frollo by stabbing him in the head and crushed by a rock. Celestia duels with Grievous on a frozen lake and Celestia tricks Grievous and makes him fall in the lake. However, Grievous comes out and smacks Celestia and prepares to kill her but but Celestia shoots Grievous in the chest and stabs him in the heart. 2 days later, everything was being restored and Optimus sends a message.


  • In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Grievous has six fingers on each hand, but in the Clone Wars, Grievous has only four on each hand, and in the animated series, he has five fingers on each hand.
  • Each villain in the Star Wars prequels foreshadows a different aspect of what Anakin will become. Grievous represents the wheezing cyborg.
  • Grievous will meet Pooh in Pooh's Adventures of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.