General Mono

General Mono

General Mono (Spanish for Monkey) is one of the 4 stone generals from the film, TMNT.


Mono was part of Yaotl's kingdom conquering brotherhood who was turned to stone after Yaotl opened a portal to a world of monsters and became immortal. Later, Yaotl revived his siblings and they collected 13 monsters that had been released during the opening of the portal. Mono easily defeated Bigfoot by catching him and throwing him to the ground and then defeated the sloth monster by whacking it with a spiked-club which he used as his personal weapon. Mono then went against his former leader wanting to remain immortal. So they captured Leo to make that happen. The 13th monster was found and the curse was broken. The portal then closed with Mono and the other generals inside it. A few years later, Mono and the 3 other generals were found by a certain brother of Twivine Sparkle


Every bit of Mono is made of stone.


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