Here's how TD-1000 speaks with a mysterious figure and Chris' nightmares go in Vengeance & Rage!.

[Soon it sideswipes to where we see a Separatist shuttle flying to Tatooine, and heading to a core ship (now redesign as a base) and lands on a platform and TD-1000 comes out and he goes to a hologram room]

TD-1000: Sir.

Mysterious figure: TD-1000. I want you to take the Sepratist leaders to Darth Sidious' old hideout on Coruscant. They will be safe there.

TD-1000: It will soon be taken care of, my lord.

Mysterious figure: The end of the war is near, General.

TD-1000: And what of the loss of Jessica Shrew?

Mysterious figure: Her death were a nessicary loss. And soon I will have a new apprentice that is far younger and more powerful.

[And it sideswipes back to Chris and Sunset's home]

Chris: I've really missed you, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer: I heard several rumors that you were killed....

Chris: Hey, hey. I'm okay. But it feels like we've been a while for a lifetime.

Sunset Shimmer: Chris, I wanna head to Naboo again. 

Chris: Why?

Sunset Shimmer: Since we're family now. And Sunrise is already becoming your daughter.

Chris: I know. But...

Sunset Shimmer: Just think about it.

[She leaves to tuck in Sunrise for bed]

Chris: [he then looks out the window as he thinks about what Sunset said]

[That night]

[we see Chris and Sunset are in bed themselves, but Chris is having trouble sleeping]

[in the dreamscape, we see ]

: [in dream]

Chris: [wakes up] Ah! [pants heavily as he looks at Sunset and then he gets out of bed, still panting as he then puts on a robe and walks out of the bedroom]

[Sunset then wakes up and notices Chris walking down the hall]

[Chris is now sitting near the balcony as he gazes up at the stars, as Sunset then comes to join him]

Sunset Shimmer: What's bothering you?

Chris: [sighs] Nothing.

Sunset Shimmer: Come on, what is it?

Chris: It was a dream.

Sunset Shimmer: Bad?

Chris: It was only a dream. [gets up, but turns around to her] .

Sunset Shimmer: And ?

Chris: I don't know.

Sunset Shimmer: It was only a dream.

Chris: I won't let this one become real.

Sunset Shimmer: It's gonna change everyone's lives, I doubt they'll keep me in the throne, and if the council finds out, you'll be expelled.

Chris: I know, I know.

Sunset Shimmer: Do you think Brian could help you?

Chris: I don't know about that, I don't really want his help. But , is a blessing.