They went to Happy Salesman Place

Shoutmon: Is there anyway we can buy that Ocarina from you?

Salesman: Sure. IF you can afford it.

Gumdramon: No worries!

Whisper; Yeah, we can pay you in royal treasu-

All: Whisper!

Salesman: Treasure? You say? I think we are interested you in another Ocarina?

Damemon: No, that's the one we need.

Salesman: Oh, well- perhaps we can be persuaded... IF you being us a treasure beyond even my imagination. Something, say, fit for a king...

They look down and left

Whisper: I'm so sorry, everyone. Is my bad.

USApyon: You'll pay for this.

Link: Treasure? That could be risky....

Jibanyan: There's lots at the Castle, of yours.

Link: But their not mine. We don't want to worry Zelda.

Koume: Hey, I know... what about the Treasure in the Temple of Time?

Link: Oh, yeah. We've been there two years ago. Let's go! And you, lead the way, witches! I might even believe your Apology.

Kotake: You can count on us!

They went to the Temple of Time and they made it

Koume: This is it!

They went there to find the Royal Treasure

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