They made it and saw a lot of Treasures, and they saw a Royal Treasure

Omi: There. That one should do it.

Then Sylvester is spying on them

Daffy: Alright. Those guys will be so happy for this!

Ace: Sure look valuable.

Omi: That's right. Now let's get that chest!

Clay: We have to keep Roy Bean bottled up or he's gonna destroy the world!

Then saw Daffy looking at the Jewel

Raimundo: Hey! Snap out of it! Daffy!

Then everything is dark and Heartless has appeared

Daffy: This is why I deserve this?

They are fighting and they defeated them

Ace: That's all of them. Let's go!

They take the Royal Treasure and left the Temple of Wonder.

Hours Later

They went back and nobody's here

Raimundo: Hello?

Sylvester: (Voice) I'm tell you give me that Chest!

Pandabubba: (Voice) Now way! We are trading this Treasure and cannot let you have it!

They saw Sylvester chasing Pandabubba and the others

Sylvester: I'll take that!

Muffin: That's our!

Sylvester: Give it back!

Katnappé: Never!

Then Sylvester got it

Sylvester: It's all mine now!

Then Jack grab it

Ace: Way a go!

Wile: Look out!

He got hit by a Wall

Sylvester: Nice try, Kid. Just wait till I get Roy Bean free! He's gonna make one beauty of a heartless!

Then they hear something

Dojo: I'm.... BACK! Guys! It's been a while! Guys! You toughest Xioalin Warrior, you! Traveling can get so lonely without a friend. To think I left you alone and Dragon-less... Oh, the HUMANITY! Hey, Omi, you look so tall? Aw, of course, what am I saying? You guys got a new temple now! I can just picture it... Wait, tell me. Am I being a leader? Just a big yellow pest? Aw, who cares, you guys! I'm just so glad to SEE you!

Omi: Dojo. We're over hwre.

He Realized he got the wrong person

Dojo: My Bad.

Sylvester: Ill teach you guys to make a fool out of me! Time for Plan B! I'm finishing you guys off right now!

He Summon his Heartless, they are fighting them and they defeated it

Sylvester: Darn it! You guys made fail me for the last time! I'm gonna get you yet!

He escaped

Hour later

They put the Chest in the Safe

Hours Later

Jack: Just give me another chance. Alright.

Dojo: I don't know, Kimiko. Do you think that we can trust him?

Kimiko: Oh, I think Jack Spicer shown that means well.

Dojo: Okay, you're probably right.

Ace: And how much trouble can one evil genius cause?

Dojo: You just might have a point there, Kid.

Kimiko: What happen next, Ace?

Ace: Well, it was great seeing you all... but we still need to find My Team and my Ancestor. I guess we're moving on now.

Dojo: Hope you find them.

Ace: Me, too.

Daffy: Um, where's Raimundo?

Raimundo: I think he left to find Clay.

Omi: They'll be back by now.

Dojo: Raimundo and Clay can't miss Ace's big farewell party! I'll have him back in a minute!

He left

Raimundo: Clay! Guys! Stop him!

They stop and he's holding a Jewel

Daffy: What's that?

Raimundo: He must have stole it from the Temple of Wonder.

Daffy: Give me that!

He grab it and looked at it

Wile: I got a bad feeling about this.

Daffy: Ack! Who needs it!

He pretend to throw the Jewel away, and Clay saw it on his hand

Clay: You still holding it!

Daffy: Oh! I think it's stuck!

Then the Jewel is Glowing, Ace know what to do he put his sword down and it create a Loonatic Symbol, the Jewel is Glowing and create a Symbol, he aim his Sword and he got it

Raimundo: Whoa! What was that?

Ace: I think it's time for us to go.

Kimiko: Well, you be back?

Ace: We will. I promise!


A road Runner is at the City and he saw a Brown Bunny, he's heading to the Portal and it disappeared, he look down. And heard a Whistle. He saw a Portal and he went there


Lexi got a new outfit and look at the City

Lexi: Maybe... waiting isn't good enough.

Ken: (Voice) My thought's exactly! If you have a dream, don't wait. Act.

He appeared 

Ken: One of life's little rules. Got it memorised?

Lexi: Who are you?

Ken: Ken. I happen to be an acquaintance of Ace's. Why don't we boxes him?

Lexi: ...And?

Then a Road Runner appeared, and then a Dusk appeared, then a Portal appeared

Ken: We've got something in common, Lexi. You and I both miss someone we care about. Hey... I feel like we're friends already.

Lexi left to the Portal

Lexi: I think I don't trust you!

She and Road Runner are here in a Unknown Portal

Lexi: What is this place?

She saw a Light Portal, she went there with Road Runner and she saw a Black Coated Person, and then she got teleported away

Hours Later

Fowlmouth: Are you Alright?

Lexi wake up

Hamton: You and Road Runner came out of the Portal. And you nearly gave us a Heart attack!

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