Keira explain to Jak

Jak: Is it true? My father got that Medallion and took it from the Aztec Gold?

Keira: Yes.

Jak: Keira.. Where did you get that?

Keira: I found this laying around at you're home. I picked it up. And I know you have it with you.

Jak: I thought I lost it. That was my Memento for my father.

Keira: I'm so sorry.

She give it back to him

Jak: Why didn't you tell me?

Keira: Cause I'm so afraid. That you would be like him.

Jak: I know. But I don't like this. I don't want get killed from. Ruskin. Cause I know he wants my blood from my father. My blood. Of the Spargus.


Ruskin: How in the world hat we capture you from that cave?

Dexter: I have to let my friend save her from you, and I cannot believe you want Jak from he's Father Blood. And you forgot one very important thing. Why would want for me?

Ruskin: To become my Cabin boy.

Dexter: I don't want to become a Cabin Boy with this mess, you better untied me, and let me kick your butt for hurting my friend!

Ruskin:: Seein' as how your friend is mine now. Lettin' you go doesn't seem to fall within my interest.

Dexter: Strange. I'm not actually concerned with YOUR INTEREST. Leave Jak alone! He won't be yours! Is belongs to me!

Ruskin: I think it's all mine now. All right! Lock him in the cabin!

Man: We're coming up on that ship! What do we do, captain?

Ruskin: Whaddya think, you idiot?

They saw the Slip

Keira: Everyone, look!

USApyon: What do we do, Dani?

Jak: I hope Dex is alright.

Jibanyan: Don't know.

Jak: Me too. I suppose... he'd run for it.

Shoutmon: Sounds good to me!

Then they have been attack, and Jak fell overboard 

Keira: Jak!

Whisper: Everyone hit the deck!

Gumdramon saw the Medallion and picked it up

Gumdramon: Let's fight!

They are fighting them and they did it

Komasan:: Horray!

Gumdramon: Hero One! Bad Guy Zero!

Ruskin: Are you sure, about it?

They turned back and saw the Keira and Dexter tied up

Gumdramon: (Gasp) Dex!

Dexter: Hey, you guys!

They have been surrounded 

Ruskin: Now then, I'll be having back that Medallium. Unless it's more important than their lives?

Jak: Ruskin!

It's Ruskin and he aim he's Gun to him

Jak: They go free!

Ruskin: Go ahead, boy- aim me! We can't die.

Jak:: I know... but I can!

All: (Gasp)

Jak: My name is Jak! My father Dames! He's blood runs in my vain!

Ruskin: Huh!?

Jak: Mark my word, do as I say, or I'll jump and fall down to my room!

Ruskin: Name your terms... Mr. Jak?

Jak: Release Keira... and even Digimon and Youkai's too!

Ruskin: Anything else?

Jak: Even Dexter! So leave now!

Ruskin: Agree. Leave we shall... but the Heartless stayed.

Jak: Huh?

A Heartless just knocked him out and more Heartless Appeared

Gumdramon: Aw, man!

Minutes later

They tied them up

DemiDevimon: Good work, Ruskin! Who knew it'd be this easy?

Keira: Ruskin! You jerk!

Gumdramon: This is the last time I trust a Pirate!

Man The bombs are ready, Captain!

Ruskin Then I bid ye farewell!

They takeJak away and sail off

USApyon: We're gonna get blown up!

Damemon: We need to do something!?

Shoutmon: How!? We're gonna die from the Explosion!

Whisper: Except, Yokai.

Keira: There must be some way out of these rope!

Dexter: Why struggle? A Pirate knows when to surrender.

Ace: Are you serious, Luffy?

Dexter: Your so stubborn, anyway.

He got himself free

Dexter: Good thing I have a knife with me. We've got to see to the gunpowder. I'm not about to die as a Pirate King!

Gumdramon: First, you have free us. And I still don't plan to trust pirates again.

Dexter: Let's get rid of Bombs, Okay?

He untied them, and they get rid of the Home around. The Ship and they did it

Gumdramon All clear!

Keira: Now let's set sail, so we can save Jak! And we can leave that island!

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