This is how Getting Some Recruits/The Plan to stop Lord Vortech goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[in Vorton World, Our Heroes come out of the Gateway]

Batman: Hmph!

Wyldstyle: Ow!

Gandalf: Agh!

Metalbeard: Wyldstyle! Emmet! Bad Cop!

Frodo: Gandalf! You got out!

Gandalf: Of the frying pan, yes.

Odette: We got Sci-Ryan's lunchbox far away.

[Robin is trying to hug Batman but Failed]

Robin: Did you destroy a Piece of Vortech?

Batman: Yes. If that's what a tiny piece of Vortech can do, we're going to need help.

Crash Bandicoot: From who, Batman?

Ryan F-Freeman: From a few of our new friends. And maybe an enemy too.

Adagio Dazzle: I know we could get. The Skylanders.

Rigby (EG): Oh. I got the ones to help us. Clavius and Zelda.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Did Zelda got trapped in a green fireball?

Emmet: Yes. But not Unicron. The red fireball ended his life.

Ryan-Ko: Maybe we could fetch Po the Dragon warrior.

Sci-Ryan: And Sora. I know what Grandpa told me... [pretends to be an old man] "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Purple sky at night... Who moved my foot cream? I need my foot cream."


Sci-Ryan: Nate's grandfather told me about my grandfather.

[Nighlock arrives from one of his portals]

Nighlock: Did you miss me?

Ryan: Nighlock. Thank Primus.

Nighlock: I also managed to pick up a couple of dorks who I managed to convince to work together.

[Maui and Tamatoa come out of the portal as well, both clearly unhappy of having to work together]

Evil Ryan: Maui?

Ryan F-Freeman: Guess we can know that I got turned to Ansem by my darkness.

[Nighlock gasps]

Nighlock: This is incredible.

Maui: You can change shape?

[Tamatoa just grunts, but becomes fearful when Nighlock gives him a scary look]

Ryan F-Freeman: Maui? I hope I can help you when this mission is done.

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