Here's how getting answers and the train museum goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we see our heroes driving down the street as the Terminator drives their man vehicle as the engines follow, while Jimmy and his team are on the hover car]

Brian: Keep it under 65, we don't wanna be pulled over.

Terminator: Affirmative.

Morley: No, no, no. You got to listen how others talk.

Human Pinkie: You don't have to say, "affirmative" or anything like that. You say, "no problemo", "Okkie dokie", or a simply "okay".

Human Rainbow: And if someone comes to you with an attitude, you say, "eat me." And if you wanna shine them on say, "Asta la Vista, baby."

Terminator: Asta la Vista, baby.

Human Rainbow: That's great, now you're being cool.

Terminator: No problemo.

[We see Kevin (train) chuffing along]

Kevin (train): I'm not scared. I'm the bravest engine on H.G. Island, and the best quarry engine around. [to Puffer] Come on, Puffer! Keep up!

Puffer: I'm coming! I'm coming!

[then they pull into a gas station as the vehicle's engine is steaming]

Spud: Engine trouble?

Mucker: It probably just needs a refill of water in the radiator.

Zoe Trent: Let's at least grab something to eat while we're here.

[Some of our heroes get out]

Human Rarity: You know, you can lighten up a bit.

Pinkie: The severe routine's getting old.

Rainbow: You act like such a geek.

Human Pinkie: Smile, once in a while.

Terminator: Smile?

Pinkie: You don't know what a smile is?

Cindy: Pinkie, he's a machine. What machine knows what a smile is?

Pinkie: Well, a smile is like this. [does a smile]

Terminator: scans her smile, and then he gives one]

Human Fluttershy: That's good. Maybe you could practice in front of a mirror.

Terminator: [stops smiling]

[later we watch some of our heroes eating some food they bought from a nearby cafe]

Joe: Let's eat fast. And we'll go.

[Meanwhile, the Terminator is filling the radiator with water]

Carl: Need a hand?

Terminator: no.

Vinny: You want the rest of my fries?

Brian: No, thanks.

Percy: We better get going, we don't wanna be caught.

C.J.: You heard the Luetinent.

[Our heroes were soon on the road again and they approached the lab]

Jimmy: [activates a secret entrance, and they drive in]

Mako: Wow! I don't remember that being here before.

Jimmy: It's a long story, Mako. Anyway. Voxte, Decepticon and Deceptitrain files!

Voxte: [a cart full of files comes in]

Celeveland: What is all of this?

Jimmy: Ever since we defeated Lockdown, I decided to search for anything I could learn about Decepticons and I've even found some Deceptitrain info as well.

Sir Handel: Really?

Jimmy: Yes. [shows some pictures] Are these the symbols?

Nyx; Yeah, that's the symbols I've been seeing!

Sheen: We need someone who can read them.

Yuna: Then we'd have to talk to a Deceptitrain.

Rusty: I know one.

Morley: [brings the boxcar in]

Tronie: [inside] Let me out! Let me out!

Blitzer: [opens it]

Tronie: GAH!!!!

Skyla: EEP!!!!

Piglet: Oh, d-d-d-d-dear!

Tronie: I gonna have so many Deceptitrains come out here!

Rusty: Hey! [starts his blow torch] Behave.

Tronie: Finally I can breath again.

Libby: Is he a Deceptitrain?

Morley: Yeah

Carl: Where did you get him?!

Blitzer: In the condo, we caught him trying to still the shard.

Tronie: Get me off of this chain.

Tigger: Say, you're kinda cute

Tronie: Huh? You wanna throw down your black racing stripes?

Blitzer: We're sorry, we're sorry about you eye. But if you read these symbols here, we won't torch your other eye.

Tronie: Uh-huh.

Morley: We won't torch it. Just tell us what these symbols mean.

Tronie: Right, right. Let's see. These are the symbols you saw in your brain right?

Nyx: Yeah.

Tronie: That's the language of the Train-Primes. I don't read it, but I know someone who does.

Jimmy: Good, then you must lead us there.

Tronie: Right.

[Our heroes soon arrive at a Train Museum]

Pooh: I wonder who is the one we're looking for?

Brian: Let's find out.

Peter: Wait! Guard.

[Guard is walking toward our heroes]

Peter: It's a good thing I've got this. [takes out a taser]

Kanan Jarrus: Where did you get that?

Peter: I stoled it from a cop. Now watch.

[As the guard gets closer he tases him in the chest]

Peter: See? Piece of cake! [however he trips and tased himself in the chest] 

Brian: Oh, Peter! 

Quagmire: Are you okay?

Peter: I can't feel myself. I'm, numb!

Brian: It's because you landed on your chest with the taser. [drags him with his hand]

Peter: [as Molt] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

[they head inside and let Tronie out of the boxcar]

Tronie: [gasps] I'm claustrophobic. Follow me.

[Our heroes follow Tronie to a Denver and Rio Grande Western K-36 class steam locomotive]

Steamy: A Denver and Rio Grande Western K-36 class, steam locomotive. Ah' haven't seen one them engines in a long time.

Tronie: Put the shard in and watch what happens.

Nyx: [does so and the shard attaches to the locomotive]

Mr. Krabs: Find, it's logo!

Hera: [goes up to the tender and finds it] (to herself) Oh, blast it! [outload] It's a Deceptitrain!

Yuna: Deceptitrain?

Jimmy: Run!

[they all hide as the engine transforms but it's transformation is really slow and jams in between transformations]

Steamfire: [groans] What is this?! Behold the glory of Steamfire!!

Zeñorita: No creo que nos va a doler, parece demasiado viejo.

Steamfire: Who said that?! Show yourselves!

[our heroes come out]

Nyx: Listen, we need to talk to you.

Steamfire: I don't have time for this! I'm on a mission. [kicks a freight car]

Nyx: Hey, come back!

[Everyone chases him]

Princess Celestia: Hold on. [she teleports them all in front of him, then flies up to his face] I command you to halt!

Steamfire: Hey, [almost falls down] easy there.

Princess Celestia: We need to talk to you.

Steamfire: M'am, dammit! I don't have time for this.

Nyx: Look, I need to talk! What is your name?

Steamfire: I told you My name is Steamfire! [as Shrek] End of story, bye-bye, see ya later.

Princess Luna: Then make time, the fate of our existence depends on it.

Steamfire: [stops his tracks] [turns around and quints his eyes] What are you saying?

Yuna: We need you to translate symbols.

Steamfire: I don't have time for this, I'm on a mission. What planet am I on?

Nyx: You're on Earth.

Steamfire: Earth? Might as well call it, "Dirt", "Planet Dirt." It that robot civil war goin' on? Who's winning?

Hugs: Those dumb Deceptitrains are winning.

Steamfire: [groans] Well, I changed sides to the Trainbots.

Nyx: What do you mean you changed sides?

Steamfire: It's a choice. A personal choice. Who wants to leave with a life full of hate?

Tronie: Wait, you're saying you don't have to work for those miserably frickin' Deceptitrains?

Steamfire: If the Deceptitrains find their way, they'll destroy the whole universe.

Tronie: I'm changing sides. My name is Tronie.

Morley: Morley.

Tronie: [deploys his own robotic hands and shakes Morley's]

Blitzer: Blitzer. I've changed sides too.

Tronie: [shakes Blitzer's hand] I guess that makes 2 of us.

Rusty: I'm Rusty.

Steamfire: You know, I have issues of my own. I've been here for years!

Nyx: Really?

Steamfire: Yes. My father was once a wheel. He transformed into nothing! Dammit! But he did it with honor and dignity!

Nyx: Listen, maybe we can help each other. I know something you don't and you know something I don't.

[later Willy and Dolphy have used their daggers to carve the symbols into the ground]

Nyx: Megatrain, wants what's in my mind. Him and someone called "The Ultratron."

Steamfire: The Ultratron?! I remember him, he left me here to rust! And I remember now. The dagger's tip and the key.

Nyx: The dagger's tip and the key, what are you talking?

Steamfire: No time to explain! Hold on everyone, stay still or you'll die!

[Steamfire then opens a space bridge and they disappear]

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