The way the groups seperate, Queen Chrysalis, getting directions from Fooglies and the robot army in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

[the brains are now put into the robots]

[our heroes swim up to the surface]

Dusty: So that's what it's like to swim.

Mucker: Look, something's down the hall.

Juni: A Thumb-thumb. A real live...

Carmen: [covers Juni's mouth]

[the Thumb-thumb looks down the hall]

General Dedrich: I think he heard us.

[the Thumb-thumb goes down the hall, then looks one way]

Carmen: [puts a tazer gumball in her mouth and starts chewing, then spits it onto the Thumb-thumb which gets tazed]

Pinkie: What'd you do to him?

Carmen: Machete's electroshock gumballs. It says long lasting. But I don't trust wrappers.

Hugs: Tazer gumballs. Cool!

Finn McMissile: Now that this is taken care of, let's go.

[Carmen and Juni take off their swimsuits]

In the halls.

Juni: [places a camera on one the walls

Carmen: Come on. [Juni places more cameras.]

Stephen: Let's go!

Steam Claw D.: Hurry!

Thomas: This way!

Juni: [places more cameras]

Carmen: Over here, Juni come on. [Juni places one more camera] What are you doing?

Juni: World's Smallest Cameras. I just placed them all over the main hallways.

Carmen: Sweet.

Juni: Thanks. [looks at the view screen] Thumb-thumbs and Fooglies coming up the south hall.

Carmen: Got an idea?

Juni: Yeah.

Holley Shiftwell: Perhaps the Fooglies can give us directions.

[The Thumb-thumbs and Fooglies come into the hall]

Finn McMissile: [lowers himself with his cables while Juni does the same] Agent Donnagon?

Donnagon: [Speaking backwards]

Juni: Where's my mom and dad? [starts recording]

Donnagon: [Speaking backwards] 

Juni: Thanks. [goes back up with Finn] I Got it.

Thomas: Good job.

Percy: What did he say?

Juni: I'll play it backwards.

DONNAGON: They're in the dungeon. They're in the dungeon. Hurry.

Finn McMissile: I'll see if they know where Twilight and Cadance are. [lowers himself down] Agent Donnagon, did you know where Twilight Sparkle and Mi Amore Cadanza are? [starts recording]

Donnagon: [Speaking backwards]

Finn McMissile: Thanks. [bings himself back up] Okay Shiftwell, do your stuff.

Holley Shiftwell: I'll just play it backwards.

DONNAGON: They're in the west side of the castle. Hurry.

General Dedrich: See if they know where the Brain room is.

Juni: [lowers back down, but is met by Thumb-thumbs] Uh-oh. Thumb-thumbs--everywhere.

CARMEN: Let's see if they like bubbles. [blows a buble which tazes the Thumb-thumbs, then the whole group lower down]

Hugs: Tazer bubbles! Awesome!

CARMEN: We'll be back for you, fellow agents.

Juni: Sknaht!

[Jabbering excitedly]

MINION ON P.A.: All robots please report... to docking bays four, five, and six for immediate loading.

Juni: This is the ventilator shaft here.

CARMEN: But the dungeon's on the other side of the castle. How do we get there undetected?

Finn McMissile: Change of plan; you two go one way, we'll go the other.

Carmen: What?

Finn McMissile: Those thugs we met before could be up that hallway. If they see us, the whole mission is compromised.

General Dedrich: Don't worry, we'll keep in contact; via radio.

Mucker: Let's go

[the engines, agents, and ponies set off down thw hallway in the oppisite direction while Carmen and Juni follow the robots. But the robots notice them]

Carmen: [Whispering] I think they've gotten smarter... since the last time we met.

Robot: Intruder!

ALL robots: Intruder, intruder, intruder, intruder... intruder, intruder, intruder, intruder...

[Floor cracking] 

Juni: Can you make it?

Carmen: I think so. (Backs up)

Juni: Come on. Come on! (Carmen then runs and jumps as more of floor collaspes. But unluck before, she falls through) Carmen!

Carmen: Find Mom and Dad!

Juni: [runs from the robots, then reaches the vitual room door] I hope this leads to the dungeon.

FLOOP: You there. What's that on your hands? [door disappears] Warts, aren't they?

Juni: Oh, great.

Floop: From sweaty hands sprout warts. Do you know why you have sweaty hands?

Juni: From being scared all the time.

Floop: You don't look very scared to me.

That's because I'm mad. Professor Zundapp kidnapped my parents... made psycho robot children, and swallowed up my sister. And you were with him.

Floop: But I didn't want any of that.

Juni: I thought Floop was a genius.

Floop: You did? [Juni shows his toy Floop] You watch my show?

Juni: More than you know.

Back with the others.

T.C.: I hope we find Twi and Cadance in time, there's no knowing what the Professor could do to them.

Mucker: [turns the corner but stops] GASP! Get back! Get back! [makes everyone back up]

Pinkie: Mucker? What's wrong, I thought we were trying to save Twi... MPH!

Mucker: [puts his shotgun barrel on Pinkie's mouth] SHH! Quiet, you idiot! They'll hear us!

Emily: Who will hear us?

Mucker: SHH! Ook-lay ound-aray the orner-cay.

Applejack: Come again?

Mucker: [whimspering] Look around the corner.

[they do so]

Thomas: GASP!

Percy: GASP!

Peter Sam: GASP!

Hiro: GASP!

Rarity: GASP!

Applejack: GASP!

Fluttershy: GASP!

Spike: Ahh!

CMC: Gasp!

Dusty: GASP!

Luke: Oh my!

Duncan: Oh no!

Mako: Holy Jumpin'!

Stephen: OH! I don't beleive it! Changlings!

Skunky: But... If there are Changlings here... Then that means... Queen Chrysalis is here!

J.J.: Now it makes sense.

Charlie: What does?

J.J.: The reason the Gremlin and Pacer took Twilight and Cadance. It wasn't the Professor who wanted them, it was the Changling Queen!

Percy: We've got to get them out of here before it's too late!

Rusty: But how do we get past the Changlings?

General Dedrich: I'll take care of them. [opens his bomb deployer and then sends a bomb down the hall]

Changlings: Huh? [they inspect the bomb, as it starts to beep rapidly]


Finn McMissile: Good work.

[the group speed through the blown-up Changlings]

In the Control room.

Professor Zundapp: Good to see you your highness.

Queen Chrysalis: Great to see you too, Professor. So, is the plan gonna be put to action?

Professor Zundapp: Yes, it'll be done momentaraly.

Queen Chrysalis: That's good.

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