This is how Getting geared up goes in Breakout.

[We see some heroes talking then we see Zib telling Ryan and the gang the mission]

Zib: That mission is what Ryan likes to call "Catch em and Cuff em". Each of you will be modified to your surrounding areas. But, to keep up with Speeda Demon, Stormer, you will be upgraded with an ultra monk speed cycle and modulo scout drones.

[We see a wanted file of Speeda Demon and Stormer gets modified]

Zib: [voice] Furno will be equipped with an aqua jet-pack and a hydra harpoon so he can survive and fight underwater against Jawblade.

[We see a wanted file of Jawblade and Furno gets modified]

Zib: [voice] For Evo, anti toxic armor and a tank arm so that even Toxic Reapa's poison won't be able to penetrate.

[We see a wanted file of Toxic Reapa and Evo gets modified]

Zib: Surge gets dual plated impact armor and alpha magnetic gravity boots so that he can withstand the power of Splitface in a zero gravity enviroment.

[We see Splitface's wanted file and Surge gets modified]

Zib: (voice over) And for Stringer, a new quad amplitude Mega Decibel Sound Blaster that will help him deal with Voltix.

[We see Voltx's wanted file and Stringer gets modified]

Lightning McQueen: Sounds like you need some speed. [revs his engine] Weapon me up, Zib. Ka-chow! [reflects the light above on his lightning bolt sticker]

Ryan F-Freeman: What villains will each of us get and we'll do it.

Zib: Ok. And to outsmart Rotor, Codylight Sparkle will be equipped with toxic proof armor and Minicons.

[We see a wanted file of Rotor and Codylight gets modified]

Zib: Lightning McQueen, racing is your line of work, right?

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess he wants something to do with his line of work.

[Lightning nods confidently]

Zib: Then you need to be even faster to catch Sonic Boom.

[We see Sonic Boom's wanted file and McQueen gets modified]

Zib: Sci-Ryan gets plant cutting buzzsaws and a Dark Energon detecting visor so he can find and fight Plantor.

[We see Plantor's wanted file and Sci-Ryan gets modified] 

Zib: Ryan gets a tranquilizer blaster and camo armor so he can blend in the jungles and fight the Witch Doctor.

[We see Witch Doctor's wanted files and Ryan gets modified]

Zib: Raven Queen will have impact armor and magic powered daggers so she can fight Megterminator.

[We see Megterminator's wanted file and Raven Queen gets modified]

Zib: Evil Anna gets magic filled missiles and springy boots so she can fight against Courtly Jester like what Raven and Bertram did to her.

[We see Courtly Jester's wanted file and Evil Anna gets modified]

Zib: Human Rigby gets a stun crossbow and a jetpack so he can fly and make Rothbart pay for what he did to Sci-Ryan's friend and Ryan's teacher, Princess Odette.

[We see Rothbart's wanted file and Rigby (EG) gets modified]

Zib: Human Mordecai will be equipped with jet boots and magic absorbing gloves so he can fight against Lady Tirek in Spyro's world.

[We see Lady Tirek's file and Human Mordecai gets modified]

Zib: For Jessie Primefan, lightning proof armor and a Decepticon Hunter so she can stay alive during her fight against Quintessa, the great Deceiver.

[We see the wanted files of Quintessa and Jessie gets modified]

Zib: Cerise Hood will have Catboy's speed shoes, Gekko's gloves, and Matau's female rocket boots so she can outspeed Starscream on the ground and in the air.

[We see Starscream's wanted file and Cerise gets modified]

Zib: Cody Fairbrother will be outfitted with fire proof armour and heat seeking missiles so he can have a fight against the Fire Lord.

[We see Fire Lord wanted file and Cody gets modified]

Zib: And Crash Bandicoot, a Decepticon buster armor and an Ion Blasterto help him deal with Megatron.

[We see Megatron's wanted file and Crash gets modified. Later the gang is all modified to find the villain they are assigned to get]

Heroes: Catch em and go!

[Our heroes go to the ships]

Computer voice: All heroes to launch positions.

[Ryan gets into a ship]

Ryan F-Freeman: Systems operational and set a course for the villains' destinations.

[In McQueen's ship]

Lightning McQueen: Alright! Let's go! Let's do this!

Spikewave: Interesting. I'm off to the Monsters Vs. Alians world!

[Spikewave transforms and flys off with Owloebeak]

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