The way Getting help from Diesel 10 goes in Revenge of the Ghost Train.

Meanwhile, Diesel 10 was working hard sorting up the scraps at the Scrapyard.

Thomas: Hello, Diesel 10.

Diesel 10: Why, Hello, Thomas. Great to see you.

Percy: We need your help!

Edward: The Ghost Train is on the move.

Charlie: The Ghost Train isn't fun at all!

Diesel 10: What can I do to help, My friends?

Fillmore: You know, We thought that you were a Neutral one, Man and We also thought you know a lot about the rest of the baddies, Man.

Diesel 10: Count me in!

Victor: Thank you, my friend.

Gator: Welcome to the Ghost Train Busters, Diesel 10.

Diesel 10: Thank you, Gator.

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