Here is how Getting help from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemice and the Rescue Rangers goes in Escape from Pangea Island Part 1.

At Canterlot.

Princess Luna: Where could Yuna be?

Prince Isamu: (crying)

Hiro: Something bad must have happened.

Princess Luna: Shh, Shh, There, There, Isamu.

Princess Celestia: We must get help at once.

Prince Indy: (crying)

Princess Anna: (crying)

Duck: There, There, Little ones.

Princess Celestia: We'll need The League of Extraordinary Gentlemice!

Princess Luna: And the Rescue Rangers!

Meanwhile at Hogwart's castle.

Titanic: Thank you all for coming in such short notice.

Basil of Baker Street: Glad we got your message, Princess Titanic.

Chip: So, What's going on?

Dale: Is someone or somepony in trouble?

Titanic: Princess Yuna and her friends are lost in Pangea.

Bernard: Pangea?

Bianca: That's horrible.

Wilbur the Albatross: Oh. That's awful.

Olympic: Indeed it is, Wilbur.

Britannic: Which is why you must do what you can to bring them back.

Titanic II: We need all the help we can get.

Titanic: Will you all help bring them home?

Basil of Baker Street: We'll help anyway we can!

At the ocean.

Titanic: Go, And god speed.

Basil of Baker Street: Alright, Chaps. Let's go!

David Q. Dawson: You heard, Basil. Princess Yuna and her friends need our help.

Fidget the Bat: Okay!

Roquefort: To the rescue!

Jake: Jaq and Gus! Full Power!

(The engines starts and the propellers in The Giant Mouse of Minsk II as it takes off)

                                                                                    To Be Continued

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