This is how Getting into Fancy Pants Industries goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[We then see a car pull up to the entrance]

Female Ponies: Good morning, Mr. Pants.

[He walks inside as he hears a futuristic sound go off]

Fancy Pants: What was that sound?

Assistant Pony: That's the sound.

Female Pony #1: That you asked for.

[We then see Fancy Pants giving Celestia a tour of his building]

Fancy Pants: A rare-Equestrian metal. Molecularly unstable. Industrial uses, none. And then the aliens came, and we made the connection. It's what they're made of.

[We then see Discord showing them a rare material]

Discord: It's the Grail. "Transformium", that's what we're calling it.

Fancy Pants: Ooh, catchy name. I like it.

Discord: Now we--

Fancy Pants: Now I.

Discord: Now he can control it.

[He then activates a ball of transformium for Fancy Pants to use]

[The ball then starts separating into tiny pieces]

[Fancy Pants looks extremely pleased]

Fancy Pants: Pretty nice right? Wanna listen to some music? [transforms the Transformium into a portable music radio] How about something altitude more violent? [then transforms it into a pistol]

[Celestia is impressed]

Princess Celestia: You've actually done it.

[Cut to them walking through a conference room]

[Fancy Pants explains the details of what they plan to do when he notices Discord eating something]

Fancy Pants: Discord, there's no eating on the tour.

[He then motions at the screen]

Fancy Pants: And what is this?

Discord: That's the jellyfish background that you asked for. You said that it reminded you of your ex-girlfriend.

Fancy Pants: I didn't ask for this.

Discord: Yes you did. You said she was beautiful, but a jerk.

Fancy Pants: I did not say that.

Discord: [points at Celestia] Is that her?

[Cut to a lab where the scientists are working on another project called Galvatron]

[Fancy Pants doesn't look happy about this]

Fancy Pants: I don't understand. This is the fifth time this has happened. I modeled Galvatron after Optimus Prime. Why does it keep looking like Megatron?

[He turns to a board]

Fancy Pants: