Here is how Getting ready for babysitting goes in Candace and Stacy's time with Sebeena.

One morning at Stacy's house in Danville.

Stacy Hirano: (putting her purple gown) Now, the shoes.

Stacy puts her black shoes on, it was very hard to get it on right but it fits.

(doorbell rang)

Stacy Hirano: Hi, Candace, What's going on?

Candace Flynn: Stacy, You would not believe this. But Sylvia Marpole is expecting us to help her babysit Sebeena Crophopper while she teaches us about babysitting.

Stacy Hirano: No kidding?

Candace Flynn: No way, Dusty and Ishani are out dating and Sylvia wants me to ask you if you could help and learn about babysitting.

Stacy Hirano: Sure thing.

Candace Flynn: Then let's go!

So, they set off.

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