This is how Getting rid of the Scraplets goes in Scrapheap.

[At the Crystal Empire, Optimus, Twilight, Arcee, and Rainbow Dash are warming up]

Optimus Prime: Arcee, wake up.

Arcee: Just resting my eyes.

Optimus Prime: The longer we remain alert, the longer we remain alive.

Arcee: What do you suggest? Wait. How about a game? Let's play Who Screwed Things Up Back at Base.

Optimus Prime: Our predicament could be the result of a simple malfunction.

Arcee: Caused by Bulkhead. Let's see. No commlink. Maybe even no power. The big lug probably tripped over a cord. He's never been too graceful. Remember when we first arrived on Equestria and Bulkhead walked into those power lines? Who knew he could dance like that?

Optimus Prime: Bulkhead may be…too large for this world. But his inner strength is without bounds. One should not be measured by size alone.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah.

Rainbow Dash: I'm with you, Prime.

[At Autobot Outpost Omega One]

Fluttershy: Did we get them all?

[Ratchet shakes his head]

Ratchet: Hardly. These were just scouts.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Like me?)

Bulkhead: So the rest of them know we're in here?

[At the Crystal Empire, Optimus, Twilight, Arcee, and Rainbow Dash are warmed up]

Arcee: You know the worst part. After battling Cons all these years, getting smacked down, shot at, blown up, that was how our lights go out?

Optimus Prime: Arcee, that may not be the finish we had planned. But if it was indeed the end, if we were to become one with the Allspark.

[Arcee holds his hand]

Arcee: It's been an honor serving with you, Optimus Prime.

Twilight Sparkle: I agree.

Rainbow Dash: Me too.

Shining Armor: Hang in there.

[At Autobot Outpost Omega One]

Pinkie Pie: Ratchet, all systems go!

Applejack: Fire it up!

Ratchet: Groundbridge activated.

[The Groundbridge powers up]

[At the Crystal Empire, Twilight, Rainbow, Optimus, and Arcee see the Groundbridge open up]

[At Autobot Outpost Omega One, Bulkhead hears a noise]

Bulkhead: Bait huh?

[The Scraplets burst in]

Bulkhead: Ready for the main course?

[The Scraplets open their hungry mouths]

Bulkhead: Come and get it!

[The Scraplets start following him]

[He races through the Groundbridge and the Scraplets follow him]

[Optimus Prime, Twilight Sparkle, Arcee, and Rainbow Dash look and see Bulkhead appear]

Bulkhead: Down. Down!

[The Scraplets freeze in the cold weather]

Bulkhead: I'd invite you in, but the place is a mess.

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