This is how Getting the Plant to the Holo-Detector and Makuta vs. Skull Grinder goes in F.L.I.K..

[A Skull Warrior is patrolling the hallway and stops near a door]

Skull Warrior: Wrong.

[He opens it and sees Surge inside]

[He immobilizes him and sees a trash chute lid juddering]

[Atta springs out with Flik and Von Ness and knocks the Skull Warrior into the room as he snaps a photo of them]

Skull Warrior: Please hold. We are currently having–

[The door shuts]

Von Ness: Atta! [follows after her]

Computer: Caution. Rogue insects.

[The message continues to spread around the ship]

[Flik hears Surge humming and turns to see him singing his song which he turns on]

–Sunday Clothes~

There's lots of world out there~

[They pass Breez, Stormer, and Furno who join them]

Get out the brilliantine and dimes cigar~

Stringer: Oh that style suits you.

[He sees Atta and the gang and follows]

[The song continues as Bulk joins them]

[Nex also joins]

–gonna find adventure in the evening air~

Stringer: Clear.

[Evo and Rocka join them]

[They race to Plaza]

[The message spreads]

Computer: Caution. Rogue insects.

[They zoom past it]

Computer: Caution. Rogue insects.

[Skull Grinder sees this]

Skull Grinder: Not possible.

[He sends multiple Skull Warriors, Skull Scorpios, and Skull Slicer to track them down]

Makuta: Skull Grinder! Skull Grinder! [ ] Mutiny. Mutiny. Stupid .

Computer: Caution: Rogue insects. Caution: Rogue insects. Caution: Rogue insects.


Makuta: The plant! [laughs]


Makuta: We'll see who's powerless now.



Makuta: Testing, testing. Is this thing on? [whispering] This is Makuta. I am locked in my room. Atta, Flik, bring the plant to the lido deck. I'll have activated the Holo-Detector. Now, hurry. Skull Grinder's probably going to cut me off...


Skull Scorpio: Halt.

[They line up]

Princess Atta: Oh, come on!

[Atta blasts one]

Skull Slicer: Halt.

[Skull Slicer attacks Breez]

Stringer: Is that all you got?

[Stringer fights him]

[Von Ness joins in with the Alpha Team]

Evo: Clear.

[The Alpha Team fight the Skulls]

[One Skull Scorpio tries to attack Flik and Stormer, but Rocka protects them]

[Flik unties Stormer]

[Stormer leaps into the air]

Skull Warrior: Halt, halt.

[Stormer destroys the Skulls, literally]


[Skull Grinder

Makuta: [laughs] Look what I got, Skull Grinder.

Skull Grinder: Not possible.


Makuta: [laughs] That's right. The plant. Oh, you want it? Come and get it, .


Skull Grinder: No.


[Skull Grinder

Skull Grinder: Makuta? Makuta?



Skull Grinder: Let go.


Skull Grinder: Let go.

Makuta: Too heavy for you?


Makuta: You're not getting away from me, .


Makuta: Huh? Is that all you got?

[Skull Basher comes out and sees

and brings out his duel Hook Axes and runs over to assist Skull Grinder when

. Skull Basher then


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