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The Giant Maggots are minor antagonists of Pooh's adventures with Doctor Who: The Green Death.


They used to be regular sized maggots until they were exposed to radioactive chemical waste. They move slowly but are covered with thick chitinous plates that can deflect bullets, but armor piercing bullets and fire bombs could defeat them. Their skin is covered with a slime that causes anyone who comes into contact with it to slowly start turning green and eventually die. Eventually, they develop into giant flies.


Jo Grant, Piglet, Rabbit, Chumley, Timon, Pumbaa, Shy, RED Scout and Snorkmaiden came across them in the mine shaft of South Wales. When the others found them, they escaped and brought back a maggot egg with them. That egg hatched into a maggot which killed Hinks when he came to the NutHutch cottage.

Later, as Professor Cliff Jones was working on a cure for the maggots' green slime, Jo and Snorkmaiden decided to go and find him a maggot as a playmate. Cliff went after them, just as UNIT was bombing the slag heaps where the maggots were situate. During the bombing, a maggot attacked Cliff and Snorkmaiden, causing them to slowly start turning green.

Just before Cliff and Snorkmaiden were cured by the brown fungus which killed a giant maggot in the kitchen, the Doctor, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Tennessee Tuxedo, Simba, Poky Little Puppy, Tip, Dash, RED Soldier and RED Heavy killed the maggots by feeding them the brown fungus. After all the maggots were killed, a giant fly attacked them, but the Doctor killed it with his cape.


Cave filled with giant maggots

A cave filled with giant maggots

Giant fly

The Giant fly