Giraffe King
Giraffe King
is the leader of giraffes and one of the two heads of Pandaffe Castle. He and his giraffe army work so closely with the pandas that they occupy the same castle. He plays the drums. He's distinguished from other giraffes in that, just like Panda King, he's the only orange giraffe and furthermore the only one that sports colors of a real giraffe. In "Pandaffe Castle" he and his minions along with the pandas were forcing humans who lived near the castle to listen to their concerts. As Ape Trully found out, he and Panda King were playing badly on purpose to torture the humans and when Ape Trully didn't clap they took him hostage. When First Squad arrived the Tank Army was getting nailed by the giant pandas the giraffes were launching at them. When Lin Chung snuck in he found that the attack was making them tired. This proved to be a dispensable factor as Giraffe King and Panda King renergized all of them with their music. Lin Chung summoned Rattle Diva but still angry she switched to the other side. Toghther they created mega music but this made the giraffes so strong that they launched the pandas into the clouds. After First Squad gets the pandas down Giraffe King along with Panda King joins Big Green and joins Rattle Diva to form the Do Re Mi Band. In "Frog Castle" First Squad called for his along with Panda King and Rattle Diva's help in dealing with the frogs. In"Battle of the pig and skunk armies"when the skunks were stuck in the trees he and his army were called to get them out of the trees.


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