Here is how Vice Principal Luna give Isamu a bath and change his diaper in Yuna and Vice Principal Luna.

It was bath time, Vice Principal Luna brings out Isamu's favorite bubble soap.

Moon Starlight: Look at him. Is our baby brother ready for is bath?

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: Isamu loves taking bubble baths.

Vice Principal Luna: Indeed he does. (puts Isamu into the bathtub) In we go.

Prince Isamu: (splashes a bit and giggles)

Princess Yuna: Here are Isamu's bath toys.

Vice Principal Luna: Thanks, Yuna. (gives Isamu his bath toys) Here you go, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (plays with his rubber ducky)

Princess Yuna: I've seen how my mama give him a bath plenty of times.

Vice Principal Luna: So you do.

Prince Isamu: (plays with his toy boat)

Princess Yuna: Yep, I've even helped out my cousin, Princess Sharon all the time.

Vice Principal Luna: All right, Isamu. Bath time's over. (get's Isamu out of the tub) Out we go. (drys him with a towl)

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Later, As Yuna started playing with Isamu.

Princess Yuna: (smells) Ew!

Vice Principal Luna: Ohh, Your diaper's messy. Time to change you.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: (brings out the diaper bag) Here's the diaper bag, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Yuna. (brings out the changing pad on the table and lays Isamu down) There we go.

Prince Isamu: (smiling)

Princess Yuna: Everything for Isamu is all in the diaper bag.

Vice Principal Luna: Of course. (changing Isamu's diaper)

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Princess Yuna: Alright, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: There we go, All done.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

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