Here is how Giving Skyla gifts and Best Birthday Ever! goes in Happy Birthday, Skyla!.

At Skyla's birthday party.

Princess Skyla: This is the best birthday party ever!

Princess Cadance: We're so happy for you, Skyla!

Shining Armor: Yuna's got a surprise for you!

Princess Yuna: Close your eyes!

Princess Skyla: (closed her eyes)

Hugo: Okay, Rita.

Rita the Fox: (brings out the new tiara and necklace)

Princess Skyla: (gasps) A new Tiara and a new necklace just like Mommy's!

Princess Yuna: Happy Birthday, Skyla!

Princess Skyla: (hugged her cousin) Thank you, Yuna! Thank you, Guys!

Snowdrop: You're welcome.

Princess Luna: I remember when you had a special birthday party, Yuna. It's when your aunt and I made you a special crown.

Princess Yuna: Oh, Mama.

Hugo: Well, Let's say we do some games.

Rita the Fox: How about pin the tail on the donkey?

Rita's Siblings: Yay!

Titanic: Aren't they wonderful playing together?

Olympic: Indeed they are.

Britannic:You have made you cousin's birthday a special one, Princess Yuna.

Titanic II: Your heart is always in the right place.

Princess Yuna: And I'm proud of it.

                                                                                  The End

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