Ryan: Where are we now?

Robin: If I'm not mistaken, we're inside the Roman Colosseum.

Crash: Colosseum?

Sci-Ryan: Olympus Colosseum?

Fransworth: Not exactly. In ancient Rome...people used to gather in the Colosseum to watch all kinds of events.

Chopper: You mean like sports and music?

Trent: Yeah, they did that too. But the Colosseum is famous as the place...where Romans fed people to the lions for lunch.

Usopp: Lions?

Zoey: Well, it looks deserted now.

Luffy: Speaking of lunch, we didn't even get to keep the Scooby Snacks from the moon level.

Owen look sad because he doesn't have the scooby snack

Fico: Don't worry, Owen. I bet there's a concession stand somewhere.

They saw White Lines

Duncan: What's this?

Courtney: What are these white lines for?

Doki touch it and he know what it was

Doki: Well, it's chalk!

Fry: Yikes! Virus!

They saw him

Virus: Welcome to level two, game players, where things get a little tougher. But first, let me introduce you to the home team!

He show them the Gladiator Skeleton

Zoro: Those guys look like they've got a bone to pick, huh, Brook?


Nami: They look like your relatives, Brook

Brook: They don't look like me.

Sora: Don't worry, gang. We can beat those meatless gladiators.

Virus: And now for the home team's mascot.

They saw the lion with the Scooby Snack

Gwen: The lion's got the Scooby Snacks!

Luffy: You know, for once, I'm not in the mood for Scooby Snacks.

Owen: Me neither! Yikes!

Doki: Good idea, Owen!

Franky: Come on, Usopp!

They are running from it and then the Gladiator throw the Net to Usopp and Fry's Leg

Amy: Are you all right, Boys?

Fry: Yeah. But we're really tangled up.

Bender A chariot.

They saw 2 Chariot

Duncan: Good thinking, Bender!

Bender: Thank you.

Fry and Usopp is on the Chariot, while Bender and Chopper is running with it

Fry: Faster, Boys! Faster!

Usopp: Yikes! Like, hit the turbo!

They are running faster

Ryan: Good work, guys! You handle the gladiators, and we'll take care of this lion.

Gwen: How exactly are we going to do that?

Trent: Give me your shirt.

Gwen: Why?

Courtney: Gwen!

Gwen: Okay.

She give it to him, and Trent is going to the Bull fight

Trent: I know, this isn't red. But it will have to do! Toro! Toro!

The Lion stop

Trent: Uh... What does Ryan call a kid. I know. Leo! Leo!

Now Trent is having a Bull fight with the Lion

Gwen: That was close

Ryan: I have an idea!

They open the Gate, and Trent make the Lion go that gate, and they finally got that Lion seal in

Trent: Way a go, Guys!

Noah: No problems, this will hold him for a bit.

Gwen kiss Trent for his bravery


Trent: You're welcome. Here's your shirt, Gwen.

Sora: Come on, We have to help, Chopper, Usopp, Fry and Bender!

They attacked their Chariot and make some dust for the Gladiator

Ryan: Good going, guys!

Usopp: Yeah, whatever.

Cody: Keep those gladiators busy just a little bit longer. I'll get the Scooby Snacks.

Bender: That's easy for you to say, man.

Fry: Yeah!

Anabelle: Try to lead them up into the stands.

Chopper: I don't think we have the energy.

Then a Spear almost hit Chopper

Usopp: But, maybe we do!

Ryan give them the throwing Spears

Ryan: Here.

Fry: What are we supposed to do with these?

Zoidberg: Use them to pole-vault over the wall.

Bender: Like, and then what?

They saw them coming

Bender: Never mind.

They running away from them and they dress up as Rome

Fry: Friends, Romans and spooky gladiators. All hail Emperor Bender!

They are still attacking them, Cody got the Scooby Snack and they disappeared to the next level

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